MEDION ERAZER X7613 Gaming Laptop

Cheap doesn’t always mean that you get a lesser service, especially when it comes to the Medion Erazer X7613, which is classed as one of the ultimate budget gaming laptops on the market.

The Medion Erazer X7613 packs one hell of punch with its Intel i7 CPU, and an excellent choice of the NVIDIA GeForce 860m graphics card, but it doesn’t just end there, they have somehow managed to squeeze in a 1,000GB hard drive, as well as 128GB SSD (which will house your operating system), to allow for super speed in boot up and day to day gaming, and finally a whopping 16GB of RAM.

Unlike a lot of new laptops, the Medion Erazer does not come with a built in DVD drive (probably because they crammed the chassis full of components that are needed all of the time, and not something that rarely gets used now days), but for those who have games on DVD still, Medion are nice enough to provide an external USB DVD drive (unlike some other well known brands that do not provide this luxury).

MEDION ERAZER X7613 Gaming Laptop


Styling wise, the MEDION ERAZER X7613 Gaming Laptop takes some key features from the popular Apple Macbook, with its backlit keyboard, and athletically its quite a slimline body especially for what Medion managed to squeeze inside this thing.

All in all, this laptop is priced at a little over £1000 (at time of writing this article) but there are deals to be had on VoucherSky, to get some great discount codes on most Medion products. You will not be disappointed with gaming on this laptop, especially in student rooms where there’s little room to swing a cat, let alone a fully fledged gaming rig.

So for you students that are looking for a great gaming laptop, look no further.

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