Make Your Company Video Calls More Productive

Company Video Calls

Do you constantly exit video calls at work thinking ‘what a waste of time!’? While video calls can be a great way to communicate with clients and colleagues, they need to be approached in the right way in order to make them productive. Below are a few tips on how you can make your company video calls more productive. 

Plan what you want to discuss

Every work meeting should have a clear purpose. This is the same case for video calls. Make sure that each video call has a purpose and that it’s not just a ‘catch-up’. Plan what you’re going to discuss beforehand. This could include lining up some questions, gathering any data you may want to discuss and listing a couple topics. Having a clear plan can stop you from rambling about things that have already been covered or are not relevant. All in all, it will make the video call more rewarding. 

Strengthen your connection

A poor internet connection could ruin the quality of your video call. The person you’re talking to may not be able to properly hear what you’re saying and you could waste a lot of time repeating yourself. Make sure that your internet connection is strong enough to handle the call before you begin. It could be worth investing in a high speed internet plan for your office or using an ethernet cable. If you’re out of the office, try to conduct the call from somewhere that has fairly secure wi-fi (it could be worth scoping out coffee bars or libraries to find one with a good connection). 

Get away from distractions

The person you’re talking to won’t be able to concentrate if there’s too much background noise or if your kids are running around in the background (we’ve all seen that video!). Make sure that you choose a location that’s free from distractions. This could include avoiding noisy cafes, shutting windows in your office if there’s construction outside or telling your family not to disturb you just before taking a video call if you’re working from home

Break down the language barriers

You may experience a language barrier when trying to speak to clients or suppliers in other countries via video call. If the person you’re talking to only speaks basic English, you should consider whether you’re better off hiring an interpreter. Using a translation agency in the UK, it’s now possible to hire interpreters in all languages who are able to jump on your video call. They can then translate what you are saying to the other party, while also translating their responses. This ensures that you both fully understand each other

Put a time limit on calls 

Some people will happily ramble on for hours. This is no good for you if you’re on a tight schedule. For this reason, it could be worth putting a time limit on video calls, so that you know when to wrap up. Half an hour is usually acceptable for most regular video calls. If it’s getting near the twenty five minute mark, consider trying to bring the conversation to a conclusion. In some cases, you may have to come up with an excuse to help bring the conversation to an end (saying that you have another meeting lined up is always a reliable excuse).

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