Can I Create My Own App?

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Running this blog, we get a lot of questions about technology. Whether it’s in the comments on our blogs or straight to our email, we love to hear from readers. Recently, a lot of the questions have related to apps, or building an app. Lots of our readers want to know how easy it is to build one, and whether it’s a DIY possibility. The app industry has quickly become one of the most lucrative on the planet. You can certainly make plenty of cash with this technology. In a little over ten years, apps have changed the entire world around us. It’s no surprise more people are looking to get involved. The quick answer is yes. You can build an app. But it’s not easy. Here are the basic steps to help you get started.

Define the purpose of the app

Lots of people have their first initial idea, but it takes more than that to produce a good app. Remember, there are more than a million apps on the market. Most of them fail to make any money. Some barely reach double figure downloads. You’ve got to spend some time turning that bright spark into a fully realised app concept. Plan your goals for the project and take your time to define its purpose. What makes it unique? What is the target audience?

Sketch it out

Next, it’s time to hit the drawing board. Literally. The first stage of developing your app is sketching out how people will use it. Get your hands on sketch pads and paper here, as you’ll get through lots of it! Draw out every image of your app. What will the landing page look like? What happens when a user clicks on a certain button? Design the journey and user experience. Doing it by hand will let you make all the mistakes here first.

Use wireframing

Now that you’ve got a series of sketches that define the app, it’s time to turn it into a professional design. Using wireframe software like Balsamiq, you can turn your hand-drawn sketches into real blueprints. All the major development agencies use this simple tool and it’s very intuitive. It provides an easy map of where to go next.

Building it!

As you would expect, this is the tricky part. Learning the skills to build an app is possible. But, it’s a long process. If you plan to build a lot of apps and create a small company around it, it’s worth learning. However, if you just have one great app idea and want to throw your weight behind it, the learning process will slow you down. Instead, look for an expert mobile app development agency. They’ll take your wireframe blueprints and turn it into a real app. It’s a faster and more professional route.

Test it and keep updating

One of the big mistakes made by app developers is creating an app and then failing to update it. Your app is an ongoing project. You should test its function and get feedback from users. Make updates and introduce new versions along the way.

That’s all there is to it! If you have a great idea, you can create your own app.

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