Important Office Energy Tips You Should Know

Important Office Energy Tips

Maintaining an energy efficient workplace can be one of the biggest challenges you have as a business owner and this is something that will take some trial and error to achieve. 

If you are looking for some simple tips for how to reduce energy usage in your office and make your energy bills lower, here are some simple tips for how you can do it. 

Have a backup power source 

One of the best things you should do if you want to ensure that your office is always powered in an energy efficient way is to us data centre ups back up power sources. This means that if you suffer a power outage or a technical issue your office will have an energy efficient form of power to continue working and prevent you from skipping a beat with your business. 

Use motion sensing lights 

Motion sensing lights are one of the most useful things you can install in your office spaces as a business owner. Consider rooms such as the storage cupboards, kitchen, bathrooms, and corridors. How often throughout the day are these used? They won’t be constantly used and this means that you don’t need to constantly have lights on in these areas. Instead, consider investing in motion sensing lights that will come on when someone is in the room and will stay on for 5-10 minutes until no motion is detected. 

Have a water cooler 

One of the biggest things that you will notice in your energy bills as an office is the water bill. When people are looking to get a drink of water from the tap they will likely run it for a little bit first to get the coolest water they can. The issue with this is that 30+ people doing this each day will waste a lot of water and a lot of energy. Instead, invest in some water coolers that won’t use much power and will allow less water waste throughout the day. 

Install solar panels 

Solar panels are something that every business owner should consider investing in this year. As a business owner it is so important for you to save energy wherever possible, and by producing energy to power your office, you will forego some heavy bills and you may even be subject to a grant from the government for taking this step. This will be such a useful way to save some money and also to do some real good for the planet. 

Reduce printing 

One of the biggest expenditures you will have in an office setting is paper and ink. Ink is expensive and printers can also be pretty pricey. Make sure that you consider reducing your printing by a decent amount and this will save you money not only on paper and paper ink but also energy. This is a simple change that modern offices really should make, because not everything needs to be on paper.

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