Things to Look for In a Marketplace Turnkey Solution


Ecommerce is one area that has been the revenue generating model on the web for long – we can safely say there has been many multi-billion dollar businesses created over Ecommerce in the past twenty years (eBay , Amazon etc. ) . Such Ecommerce marketplaces have always been the apple of the eye for venture capitalists as well as the model has been proven right again and again by many entrepreneurs around the globe. The best way to instantly start a full fledged marketplace is by getting a turnkey marketplace script readily available on the web and customize it for any particular niche planned for. If you are an entrepreneur, finding a custom php developer nowdays is easier than years before as many freelancers are just within the reach of a few clicks on Google.

Innovators and entrepreneurs around the world are continuously trying to discover lucrative niches that have not been tapped on yet and create a marketplace for the same. These niches needn’t be a product selling niche alone – it can also be a marketplace for niche services and this gives various opportunities to create a niche marketplace in various ways. The current trend of the web provides even more lucrative channels to easily make any niche marketplace a big hit by attracting all the target audience easily in numerous ways . Social media is one channel that when engineered properly into your marketplace can bring in potential buyers in huge numbers – and this traffic is very valuable traffic as it comes via. word of mouth from another happy customer and there is a high possibility of conversion – also making things get viral . Such marketplaces created by having a deep focus on the social web is called social commerce sites and its the latest trend on the web. Many sites like Gilt , Zazzle , Fancy etc. are crunching big numbers in revenue day in and day out due to this powerful and effective concept of Social commerce .

So it’s very essential to see that the marketplace script you plan to purchase for powering your niche marketplace has social commerce as its core and this pays off huge by giving your online store continues targeted traffic via reference and word of mouth in huge chunks . Also such referral traffic gives a big trust factor to your marketplace making conversion happen all the more easily .

When it comes to starting your own marketplace in any niche (we even have marketplaces for live training via. video like the latest Google helpouts , Live ninja etc. ) you should also give a good eye to getting your marketplace mobile commerce enabled as recent numbers by big players in the market clearly show that a great amount of sales has and is happening via. mobile and hand held devices . So see that you also have a M-commerce presence when starting up your niche marketplace

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