How to Store Valuable When on Adventures

How To Store Valuables While On An Adventure

Adventure holidays are amazing, they give you a chance to explore the world and enjoy new experiences in exotic locations, but the last thing you want is to return home having lost a valuable item or become stranded in an overseas location. Make sure you store your items. 

Smart Travelling 

If you want to keep your money and valuable items safe while you travel, the first thing you need to do is travel intelligently. If you fall asleep on public transport and your valuables are on show, they are an easy target for pickpockets and thieves. Make sure you have them locked up safely. 

If you know you are going to sleep, put your phone, laptop, and money in a bag, lock the bag and wrap the handles around your arms or chest; you could also think about putting some bells on the bag to alert you to any activity while you sleep waking you up in time to catch a thief. 

Money Belts 

To be extra safe when travelling, use a money belt. Money belts can be wrapped around the waist or abdomen; they are normally fastened with a velcro strap and have a pouch for storing your money, cards, and documents. Money belts are ideal for adventure holidays and vacations. 

Money belts come in different shapes and sizes; some of them are flat, while others have a small pouch to store your valuables in. If you’re going on an adventure holiday or you are heading off for some fun at a festival, make sure you have a money belt to keep your cuban link chain safe. 

Bag Locks 

When you don’t have a money belt or a locker to keep your valuables safe, the next best thing is a bag lock. Some bags, such as rucksacks and luggage, come with locks and padlocks built in, while other baggage can be secured using bought locks. Overall, it is a very effective method. 

When you put your luggage on the plane, you can’t guarantee it won’t be tampered with unless you have a lock on it; additionally, you can’t be sure your rucksack is safe at a festival or on an adventure holiday without a padlock on the front. Bag locks give you some extra peace of mind.     

Travel Insurance 

Don’t leave home on your adventure holiday without travel insurance. Travel insurance can reimburse you for lost luggage, rucksacks, and valuables that might have been stolen. Travel insurance costs a little, but it protects you from the worst possible outcomes and is worthwhile. 

Shop around to find the best deals on travel insurance and make sure you are covered for the type of holiday you are going on. Some adventure holidays might have different requirements not covered by conventional travel insurance. If in doubt, contact the agency for more details.   


Whether you are on an adventure holiday or an excursion in the local area, look out for lockers to store your belongings in while you travel. Lockers are an excellent place to store your valuables conveniently and safely while you wait for a flight or go on a long hike in the hills.

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