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    Building a Westfield Kit Car – Sponsor Me

    The Westfield Kit Car is one of the most popular kit cars available, and has been in my view for quite a few years now. I was first inspired to build one of these vehicles after seeing one at the London Motor Show back when I was a kid.

    A few years later, the Westfield made an appearance on a popular Discovery TV Show called A Racing Car Is Born hosted by Mark Evans which follows his Westfield Kit Car build from start to finish, and also what is needed to get this beast on the racing tracks – After this, I was hooked on the idea of getting my hands on a kit to build myself.

    As a person who has a passion to have his hands on things, and build things myself – Yes I’m the one who usually gets called to build flat pack furniture – this is one of my lifetime tasks to build a kit car to be able to take on the open road, and replace my Subaru Impreza track car.

    The only issue with this, is the cost of the overall project. I could sell my Focus ST to fund this, but a Westfield would defiantly not be a practical vehicle to take down the shops, or get to work with on the usual British winters.

    This post isn’t really going anywhere, just maybe a call out to anyone reading this, if they would like to sponsor me, or even if Westfield themselves would be kind enough to donate a kit to myself, to feature the build thread on my website and YouTube for some advertising. If so, please use the Contact Form to get in touch with me.

    Westfield Kit Car Available

    There are a number of different options available on the Westfield, from the Sports Car kit, to the retro looking XI Kits, but I would always go for the Sports Car Kit, or even the Sports Turbo Kit.

    There are also different options within each of the options outlined above, from a complete kit which includes a new/refurbished engine, or even obtaining a “donor” car to strip down for parts to build a new car.

    For those who like the cars, more information can be found on the Westfield website.

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