4 Problems All Car Owners Should Expect

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When it comes to your car, the scout’s motto of ‘always be prepared’ is worth adopting. Cars might be one of the best technological inventions the world has ever seen. But the truth is, they’re not always as reliable as we would like them to be.

No matter how new your car is – it’s a well-known fact that newer vehicles are more reliable than older ones, it’s still worth being prepared. You never know what could happen when you’re out and about in your car. From breaking down to accidentally locking yourself out, almost anything can happen.

To help you ensure that you are ready to face the most common issues that affect drivers, here are four eventualities to prepare for:


This is by far the most common issue that affects drivers, and yet many of us fail to prepare for it. The chances of your car breaking down in the winter are much higher than in the summer. However, even in the warmer months, being prepared is crucial.

The best way you can make sure that you are covered when it comes to breaking down is investing in a breakdown policy. From Green Flag to RAC, there are various companies, as well as policies to choose from. Many of these policies start from as little as a few pounds per month, so are definitely, worth investing in. Especially as, if you break down and don’t have a policy in place, calling out a rescue truck can be expensive.

Car accident

At some point in our lives, most of us will be involved in a road traffic accident. It could just be a bump or it could be something worse, but whatever accident you are in, being prepared can make it easier to deal with.

Often, when cars crash, seat belts can lock in place. This can leave you or your passengers trapped in the vehicle. To prevent this from happening, carry seat belt cutters in your car. As well as seat belt cutters, having a warning sign to place on the road, as well as a high visibility vest, is also a good idea.

Locking yourself out of your car

Just like, at some point or another, we all lock ourselves out of our homes, it also happens with cars. Perhaps your car auto-locks after a few minutes of being stationary and you get out the car without your keys. Or, maybe you left your keys somewhere while out and about and can’t remember where.

Getting locked out of your car is much easier than you would think, so being prepared for this is crucial. Of course, the simplest thing to do would be to carry an extra car key in your bag. Failing that the only option is calling a locksmith, like Keys 4 the City, that will be able to get you a new key in no time.

Getting lost

We live in a time where the majority of us rely on satnavs, to get from A to B, but what happens when they break down? The chances are, if your satnav is going to break, it will be when you are driving in a place that you are unfamiliar with or looking for a gas station.

There’s nothing worse than being lost and not knowing which way to drive. Don’t just rely on your satnav, always keep a good old-fashioned road map in your car. You might think it’s unnecessary, but when your satnav stops working, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t have a map to hand.

As a driver, you need to ensure that you are prepared for every eventuality.

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