What is Vauxhall Connect and how is it changing the future of the automotive industry?

Vauxhall Connect

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of driving, and it has already been assured by the UK government that the production of gas-powered cars will be halted by 2030. But with all of the major manufacturers falling over themselves to bring us the future of EVs, Vauxhall might just have the edge. Because while Nissan has the affordable Leaf, and Tesla has the brand recognition, Vauxhall has the new and innovative “Connect.”

What is Vauxhall Connect?

Vauxhall Connect is a service supplied to owners of Vauxhall vehicles free of charge for the life of the vehicle. It’s a system that helps drivers stay connected and safe on the road by providing security and support when it is needed most. All electric vehicles being sold from this point onwards will come with Connect as standard.

The new Corsa-e, an electric vehicle with an automatic gearbox and multiple driving modes, is now the first Vauxhall vehicle to be available with Vauxhall Connect, right out of the box (so to speak). But what elements of the system set it apart and make Vauxhall potential future leaders in the affordable EV game?

Live navigation

With Live Navigation, you can focus on your driving whilst the system guides you to your destination with minimal fuss. There is also the choice to opt-in for road safety alerts. This provides you with real-time alerts about any complications you may face on your journey and can redirect you to get you there in the shortest time possible. There is a fee for some of these features, of course, and it could be argued that Google Maps already offers many of these features but having the system running natively by the car itself means everything is going to work holistically.

Charging schedules

Obviously, charging is of paramount concern for EV users and with Vauxhall Connect, users can specify when they want to charge their vehicle – which offers the potential to select the most cost-efficient charging times from any distance. Drivers will also be notified when the battery has been fully charged or interrupted and guided to the nearest charging station that aligns with your specification.

Temperature pre-conditioning

Think of it as a smart meter for your car. This gives you the ability to warm or cool your vehicle before you set off on your journey – great for winter months when the car may need to warm up or slightly defrost. If your vehicle is charging then it takes energy from the source and not the battery too, so as long as you’re charging, you’re not wasting any potential miles.


You will be notified when your car needs servicing or if an issue transpires. The service also helps you to get booked into a garage of your choice and you can check the charge and range of the vehicle at any time as well. Vauxhall Connect really does turn your vehicle into a smart car and sets the standard for all EVs, regardless of price.

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