Are You Ready To Drive?

Are You Ready To Drive

There is no doubt about it, driving can be one of the most exciting things. Learning how to master the roads, taking long road trips exploring your country and finally saying goodby to your driving instructor. Leaving driving lessons behind means that you’ve learned how to drive, and your instructor has done their job.

But how do you know when you’re ready to take your driving test and rip those L plates up?

Your Instructor

Your instructor will let you know the moment that they think you are ready to take your test. It’s their job, after all, to make sure that you are a safe and confident driver. Your instructor will see hundreds of learners over the space of a year and is more than capable of knowing when you are ready.

And, even though they tell you it’s go-time, you might not feel it.

The Unknown

There are some roads that are much harder to navigate than others, and although you will do the routes that might come up in your practical test, there are many roads to come. If you have a friend or family member who is helping you out on the hours between lessons with your instructor, use them.

This can be your time to get used to a range of roads, and you never know what test route you will get on the day. If there are diversions, it can be helpful to know even more of the roads in the surrounding area.

If your instructor suddenly asked you to drive on one of the busiest routes, would you be worried? Or would you take it in your stride?

You’re Calm and Confident

As you drive now, you can have some small conversations, discuss your next lesson and follow instructions well. In the first few lessons, people are concentrating so hard learning a skill there is little room for conversation.

However, by hour 45, you will likely find you are relaxed and aware of your surroundings, car handling and can even point out where you made minor mistakes.

You might’ve already passed your theory test too.

Mock Tests

When you feel like you are ready, you can ask your instructor for a mock test. You’ll be graded as if you were in the real thing, and can find all of the areas that you need to improve on. It will also give you an idea of how the real test is likely to feel too.

Less Input

If you notice that over the space of a few weeks that your instructor has less and less input and is instead monitoring you, this is a good indicator that you are moving towards being test ready. If they are still letting you know when you need to press the brakes, or gently reminding you to check your mirrors enough, and to indicate – you probably have some way to go.

Many people want to rush and pass their test, but the most important thing is that they are safe drivers.

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