Simple Tricks To Save You Money On Your Car Expenses

There’s no getting around it: owning a car can be expensive. If it were just the initial cost to buy the car that was the big expense, we could manage just fine – but alas, it’s not. Owning, running, and maintaining a car is big money. However, it doesn’t always have to be quite as expensive as you might think. By changing a few key details, you can save money.

Take Public Transport

Now, it might seem a bit sneaky to suggest not driving your car as a way to save money, but hear us out. You might spend all week driving to and from work and to the shops and so forth. When it comes to the weekend, don’t automatically assume that hopping in the car is the best option. In the UK, public transport really is very good, and can work out as a much cheaper way to get from A to B, especially when parking fares (which can be expensive in city centres) are factored in.

Pre-Winter Care Essentials

Your day to day expenses can be significant, but the big chunks of money are spent on repairs and other mechanical issues. Winter is when most of these small but costly incidents take place, but you can limit their chances of happening by doing a pre-winter check of your vehicle to ensure it’ll make it through the chilly season unscathed. Fill up on anti-freeze, get a new of wheels from places such as Wiltshire Tyres, double check that your battery is in full working order, and have an emergency kit in your vehicle.

Car Share to Split Costs

If you love driving and can’t face the idea of not being in your car, then maybe the idea of having a friendly companion in your vehicle is more to your taste. Sites like BlaBlaCar and Liftshare allows drivers to offer their vacant seats to other passengers. For example, if you’re driving from Manchester to London, you’d offer a ride and someone might pay half the petrol cost to ride there with you.

Making it more Efficient

Don’t use your car as a storage facility, as having a heavy vehicle uses up more petrol than those that are light and nimble. Take out anything that isn’t a necessity in your car and leave it at home. This also means removing bike racks and the like, and even filling up with less fuel – a half  tank works just as well as a full one, and it’s half the weight!

Learn the Basics

If you’re really determined to save money, then try to learn the basics of car repair. It’s not as complicated as you might think and can save you big money, especially when it comes to getting your car in line for its MOT test. Instead of taking your vehicle into a garage every time it has an issue, you can first try to fix it yourself. This is also highly rewarding and could even take you down a vocational path you never thought of before!

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