Fitting Fiesta Roof Bars – Ford Fiesta MK7 (2008-2010)

This guide explains exactly what parts you require to fit roof bars/roof rack onto a Ford Fiesta MK7 and also the Ford Fiesta MK7.5 (Facelift). The parts you will require are the same for the 3 doors and 5 doors, and also all engine/models of the Ford Fiesta MK7. I will guide you through all the parts you require, and how to install these parts on your vehicle.

Please note – this is only applicable to early model facelift fiesta’s – it seems that Ford changed this at some point and removed the screws all together on some models. We are unsure when this change took place, but have been informed this is the case. Carrying out this work is done under your own risk.

You will be looking at prices around £110 for the genuine Ford parts (which are much better than the aftermarket kits available). The Ford kits come with aero bars and are sub-manufactured by Thule for Ford. The best things about the Ford specific bars is there is no need to fine tweak the measurements, as everything is already pre-set and Fiesta specific.

Fiesta Roof Bars Parts Required

  • Ford Roof Bars (Ford Fin: 1718804)
  • Bojo Tool / Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Stanley knife
  • Philips Head Screw Driver

You will notice when you look at the roof of your Fiesta, there is no where for these to fit in. That is because Ford have kindly placed the rubber strip over the mounting points for the Fiesta roof bars. Luckily, Ford provide new rubber seals in their kit, which will allow you to replace the fill length seals with part seals, and caps to place over the holes when you remove the roof bars.

First you will need to remove the old rubber seals on the roof, these are just held in place with double sided sticky tape. Using a Bojo tool, or a flat head screw driver (be careful with this) and pry the plastic strip away from the vehicle.

Once you have done this on both sides, you will see that Ford have nicely painted over the mounting points, and also used a sealant to cover the holes. You will need to use a Stanley knife to cut away the sealant around the screw hole, and the use your Philips head screwdriver to remove the plastic blanking screw.

Ford Fiesta Roof Rails

Now you have revealed all four mounting screws, you are ready to fit the new roof rails. We will fit these first so we can then position the new gutter strips accurately onto the vehicle. Fitting is simple, follow the instructions provided and screw the bars onto the roof of the Fiesta using the provided mounting screw holes.

Once the Fiesta roof bars are fitted, you can fit the new rubber gutter strips, starting at the rear and front of the vehicle, and then attaching the centre parts.

Finally, you will have room to fit either a roof box, or a bike carrier.

Ford Fiesta Mk7 Roof Rack / Bars

  1. Thanks, very useful, my problem is getting hold of the replacement strip& fittings as I have been given a 2nd hand roof bar set. Ford dealers only sell the complete kit apparently. Any ideas?Jane

  2. Hi, i was wondering about the part where you mentioned the strips are held on by double sided sticky tape. My strips (12 plate zetec s) seem to be held down by some sort of putty. It is very tough and does not ‘pry off’ (but then it may be because it is so cold here in scotland). Any tips as to how to actually remove it and if the ‘double sided sticky tape’ looks like a thick layer of putty?
    thanks scott

    1. Hi Scott,

      I think this may be like some of the issues above, where Ford have changed the design and does not allow for fixed point roof bars any more. The putty you talk about sounds like the putty they put in the seams of the different panels. I wouldn’t remove any more, as I suspect your model doesn’t let you fit these type of roof bars.

  3. Great post and blog. Tidy car too.
    Is their any option with to have the roof bars removable?
    Is there any fiesta model that has the little gaps/openings in the rubber seals without looking too bad?

  4. Thankyou for the excellent information. Any chance of giving me the dimensions of where the screw holes are (eg distance from windscreen edge) to make it easier to find where they are without digging about looking for them?

  5. James,
    are you sure that these bars can be fitted on Mk7.5 (facelift model)?
    Because I just bought a 2014 ford fiesta model and on Ford accessories this kind of bars seems that cannot be used (compatibility seems to be granted only until 28/04/2013).

    Can you confirm please, because I do not want to buy a useless item for me.

    thanks in advance!

    1. When I went to the firs dealership and ordered them for my fiesta which was new in September 2013, the kit they cave me was the kind that clamps to the roof under the door seals NOT one that is bolted to the roof. Hope this clears it up for you.

  6. Hi James,

    Thanks for the write-up. Can I just double check before I remove the black strip, that the bars I have will fit ? I have the genuine Ford 1718804 kit and I want to use it on an August 2013 Fiesta ST, however, reading on this thread it seems to indicate there is a different kit for later Fiesta’s.

    Thanks, John.

    1. The xxx804 kit DOES NOT fit a late ’13 Fiesta!! If you don’t want to ruin your roof IGNORE James Simpson UNLESS you have an earlier (pre-facelift 2013 model or earlier). There are no holes under the rubber strips – as I found to my cost and having to re-fill the sealant AND get some new rubber strips. The kit for the late ’13 models, although branded by Ford, is, in fact THULE! It just clamps to the door reveal (not very well I must say) so mine went straight back. James – please don’t mislead people; FORD – get your act together!

      1. Got the same problem Andy. Did you ever find a work-around?
        Could use the front rack type that fits between the door and the roof, but no good for the rear (no doors). Also couldn’t find any fixing holes for the Thule/Ford type. If they’re there, they’re really well hidden.

        1. Gave up – after trying the proper (Thule – supplied by Ford) kit. There are NO holes so don’t dig around looking for ’em! The reason I’m not using them is that they just clamp onto the body work and can quite easily damage your paint. Plus if fitted as recommended, they’re so close together that you’d only be able to carry things that are short! Quite frankly, you can do that by dropping the rear seats!!! Come on FORD – sort this out! This is the best selling car in Britain and you can’t get a decent set of roof bars???

  7. Well, the part number you quoted is NOT for my 5dr Zetec (late 63 model). Sadly, I’d taken the rubber strips out and dug a couple of holes looking for the phantom plugs. Ford online parts have collected the wrong parts they sent, but have charged me AGAIN for postage on what they should’ve sent in the first place. They are Thule bars (as someone else mentioned) and I have to say I’m not convinced that my paintwork will survive putting these on more than a few times – especially as they appear to just clamp to the door reveal. Disappointed doesn’t come close to my feelings. FORD take note… :-(

    1. They do just clip to the door reveal. That’s what mines were like that I had fitted today and mines a 3 door. So the rack at the back is attached to the front one with a hideous bar on the inside. You’re right ” Ford take note” but James Simpson should be doing a bit more research before he gives advice.

  8. According to my Ford dealer today ( 7/2/14 ) there are no holes in the gutters. The bars they fitted to my ST were clamped on. Having ordered these blind and having the dealer fit them to say I was shocked at the sight is a massive understatement. Needless to say they were taken off and dealer has taken them back at no cost to myself. There is a cut off point in making these cars that have no screws under the sealant to attach the bars to. Please check your facts that you are putting on here as not everyone will have the good fortune I had in the dealer taking these back at no cost to me.

  9. Hi – and thx for the replies.

    There are def no holes in the roof gully under the rubber strips :-(

    The partno for the bars I was sent was 1718804 – and these are def wrong for my 5dr Zetec. Luckily I persisted with Ford Online Parts and they now agree that they sent me the wrong ones. They’re picking up the wrong ones and shipping me ‘the correct ones’. They’re more expensive (of course!) – £165. Hopefully this will solve my problem. I’ve put some sealer where I was looking for the blanking plugs for now to stop rust etc.


  10. I’ve ordered the bars direct from my local Ford dealer and the part number they have quoted me for a 63 ST is 1831617 and I’ve managed to get them down from £240 to £205 plus another £78 for fitting. Please check your facts to see if you are quoting the right part number as I’d hate to be paying double what I can get the 1718804 ‘s for.

  11. Got some of these bars from Ford Online Parts – just tried to fit but no holes to be found in gully under old plastic strip. This is a Nov 2013 Zetec 5dr. Have to put a bit of sealer in now to stop roof going rusty whilst I try and find a solution :-(

  12. Hi James,

    As you’ve mentioned Ford has painted over the mounting points and I’m struggling to find these.
    Is there a way to find out where these are without removing excessive sealant ?
    I found a circular indent which like a mounting point… is the screw below this ?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Nick,

      Yes ford usually fill the hole with a plastic type screw to stop the sealant going into the threads of the bolt hole.

      You will need to remove the plastic screw (can be a little tricky) but this is where the roof bars bolt to.

      If you find it one one side, you can work out where the rest are which means you only have to take out minimum sealant.

  13. I have just bought a Fiesta ST 63 plate. I noticed in your link to the roof bars it states up to 28/4/2013. I have emailed a ford website which was selling the same model number as your link and they have got back to me and said that item number is for the 5 door model and the three door is £240. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Duncan,

      I think they may be misinformed, the 5 door and 3 door models are exactly the same for fitting the roof bars, the roof is exactly the same on both models. (maybe they were trying to get more money from you?) – The Fiesta ST is still classed as the MK7 (MK7.5 actually as its a facelift model)

      I take it your Fiesta ST is like my brothers Fiesta ST:

      I have found these two places to buy the Ford Fiesta Roofbars:
      Amazon Genuine Ford Fiesta Roof Bars / Bar Roof Racks/ Rack 1718804


      eBay Ford Fiesta Roof Bars

  14. Hi James

    After reading issues with leaks after fitting the roof racks I decided not to get one, I just chuck the bike in the boot with the seats down (use a Rhino cover to protect the car). Sounds like you took your time and only removed the smallest amount of sealent. Some people have noted that it can be difficult to remove the sealent though and unfortunatly more is removed than should be. I guess this is when the leaks start. For the few times a year a put the bike on the car i just didnt want to risk it. Fiesta’s leak enough as it is, I didnt want to add anymore. :-)

    Cheers Paul

    1. I have a 2011 3 door zetec s. I bought ford roofbars & carefully removed strips in roof & located & removed plugs in roof, fitted bars, great job until 2 days later after a heavy shower of rain the boot filled with water! Ford didn’t want to know and advised I’d removed too much sealent.l had this checked by local ford dealer who backed up that I hadn’t.,Fords answer to me was to repair myself with a tube of silicone! Also cover caps are tacky & not water tight when bars not in use.Never again.

  15. Great write up James. But for those asking about any water leak issues have alook around on the internet. Plenty of owners have had leaks after fitting these roof bars, not only on the Fiesta but the Focus and Mondeo as well. If you reallly want to fit them i suggest you pay a ford dealer to do it, so you have some come back if they cause leaks. As the write up states you are removing sealent, and these holes go through the roof, they are not blind. If your only using a few times a year to carry a bike around and you dont need to use the rear seats you will be better of getting a Rhino cover and putting the bike in the boot. Dont want to put anyone off, just putting it out there that fitting these can cause water leaks. Water needs the smallest of hole to get through, removing any sealent is a risk.

    1. Thanks for your comment Paul,

      Yes I have seen other comments about leaks, but I have yet to see a leak on my Focus or my brothers Fiesta (either of them).

      I do however only remove the minimal amount of sealant required to just get to the screw hole, and not any more then needed – this is probably what happens.

      When looking at the screw hole its self, there is a cap at the bottom of the hole, so no water can get though into the car that way.

      Was water leaking in your car when you had the bars removed or fitted?

  16. Hi James,

    Cheers for putting this info up, shame ford couldn’t have done it! Any ideas if this will fit an ST? Is there anything that covers the gap when the bars aren’t fitted? And is there any way the water can get into the car if you remove the bars? I’d only be using them a few days a year. I have looked at the Thule ones, but they are the clamp on type that sit on (and damage) the paint.


    1. Hi Ben,

      The roof bars you get from Ford come with covers to cover the holes.

      The covers are held in place with the bolts that attach the roof bars, so you’ll have no issues with water getting in. The screw holes are all protected with anti rust coating anyway, so you’ll have no bother with any water.

      1. Not so James, as I’ve found.The water finds it’s way in as the holes are right through, to the extent of making the headlining damp.

  17. James, thanks, this looks straight forward. I’ve googled the part number and note that it’s a reasonable price. I can’t find a product description stating that spare rubber strips are included. Are these usually included in the product – just trying to make sure?

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