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    The Fantastic New Ford Focus RS and Unleashing It’s Full Potential

    The all new Ford Focus RS is a powerful little car that has taken the motor industry by storm this year, with all the major magazines and critics giving it top marks. The high performance hot hatch vehicle is not only an incredible drive with agile handling, but it is also great value for your money.

    The New Ford Focus RS

    The hot hatch is on its third generation, but they are onto something special with this edition. A turbocharged 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine provides maximum power of 350 PS and torque of 440 Nm. The four wheel drive system sends 70% of the power to the rear axle, and 100% of this to either wheel. This grips to the road and makes steering a breeze, with a rally car feel to the way it performs. The new RS is also a beautiful car inside and out, with a less flamboyant interior styling which will appeal to most.

    Finding Ford Focus’

    As a car that seemingly ticks all the boxes, it is one which is in high demand. To find the new Ford Focus RS and to get a good deal, you will want to visit established online dealers, such as Motorpoint. There are also many other excellent Focus models to consider, including the ST-3, Titanium X, ST-Line and Zetec. If you have any of these Focus models but want to make them faster and more powerful without having to buy a performance Ford, it is worth considering remapping.

    Unleashing More Speed and Power

    Ford Focus’s and the majority of cars do not perform to their potential; this is due to the manufacturer putting restrictions on the engine control unit (ECU). These restrictions are usually to take into account certain laws, fuel qualities and different climates.

    To enhance performance and unleash the vehicle’s full potential, an ECU remap can overwrite these restrictions and you will notice the vast difference as soon as you put your foot down. You could see increases of up to 50 hp and torque of up to 80 nm. It can also improve fuel efficiency and handling of the car, essentially improving the entire performance of the vehicle.

    Any petrol head will love getting behind the wheel of the new Ford Focus RS as it packs a powerful performance, a stylish look and an affordable price tag. However, to unlock the car’s full potential, and other Focus’, you may want to consider an ECU remap for more speed and power.

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