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    Published on July 26th, 2016 | by James Simpson


    5 Types Of Drivers You’ll Find On Britain’s Roads

    Whether you’ve just passed your test, or you’ve recently moved to Britain, we’re glad to have you in our community! However, there are a few things you need to know about driving on Britain’s roads. You’ll find all sorts of drivers out there, and understanding what to look for is important. We’re going to look at five of the most common examples.

    The Boy/Girl Racer

    You’ll spot these kinds of drivers from a mile away. They’ll be the ones that have raided the used car market for something they can mod to their heart’s content. Then, they’ll speed off, revving the engine as hard as they can. If you come into contact with these drivers, you want to keep your distance. They’ll be going at high speeds, and you can never be sure that they won’t get into a crash. Hold back to give them space. Call the police if you fear they’re going to cause an accident.

    Business Drivers

    Business Drivers

    If you find yourself on the motorway in the middle of a weekday, you’ll see a lot of business drivers. They’re easily classifiable due to their extravagant cars. It’s easy to get jealous of their stylish rides, but this is another breed of driver that tends to drive far too fast. Of course, you won’t just see them in high-priced cars. In fact, if you look at new Mercedes offers, they’re not all that high-priced anyway. There aren’t many businesses that will splash the cash for their own employees!

    The Sunday Driver

    Sunday Drivers

    This has long been thought to be a myth, but I can tell you from experience that it isn’t. The Sunday driver exists, and they’re a nightmare to deal with. The idea is that certain people only drive on a Sunday. Because of this, they’re inexperienced, and you’ve got to be careful with them. They’ll drive ultra-slowly, fail to signal and potentially put you in danger. Keep your distance and be mindful of the fact that they rarely spend time in their cars.

    The Incompetent Driver


    There’s a difference between the Sunday driver and the incompetent driver. Whether they’re driving a basic Volkswagen or a souped-up Ferrari, they all share the same traits. Basically, they simply don’t follow the rules of the road. They’ll pull out in dangerous areas, putting you at risk. They’ll ignore signs, take the wrong lanes on the motorway and generally cause serious hassle. You need to spot this behaviour before it becomes a real problem.

    And The Rest…


    Of course, the majority of Britain’s drivers are perfectly fine. We’re only picking on the select few because they’re so prominent. There’s nothing to fear when driving on our roads, but anticipation is important in order to avoid any potential instances. Always have your wits about you, and you’ll get a gut feeling about whether you’ve encountered a dangerous driver. If you’re ever concerned about the activities of a driver, call the police immediately. It’s also beneficial to invest in a dashboard camera in case you find yourself in an accident.


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