The Best iPad Cases For Business Men

iPad Case

With almost all business people having some sort of technology on them during meetings, we all need a way to be organised, and have everything we need all in one simple and eye catching way. There is nothing more organised and eye catching then these two great iPad cases.

iPad Case 1 – Portfolio With Letter-Size Notepad and Pockets

iPad Case

This zipped leather iPad case features everything you could possibly think of for any sorts of business meetings. Spaces to place your pens, paper, business cards, your documents, and of course your iPad. This case makes a briefcase obsolete, as everything you need fits easily and smartly inside the zipped leather case. The iPad case comes in three different leather colours (brown, black and red), and allows you to hold standard letter size paper within for the ultimate business man’s carry case.

The best thing, these are designed to fix any iPad currently on the market, from the first generation iPad, all the way up to the latest iPad air models. And at a snip of just over £65 delivered, why aren’t you buying one already?

iPad Case 2 – Leather Padfolio With Bluetooth Keyboard

iPad Case With Keyboard

Finally, this zipped leather iPad carry case is great for business men who need to take a lot of notes during meetings, as it includes a fully functional bluetooth keyboard, with a flexible iPad mount which allows you to use the iPad as a word processing computer, which then can be folded down and zipped away within the whole case to protect it.

You also have space to hold a standard letter sized paper, to allow you to write notes by hand. There are also compartments to store business cars, a pen, mobile phone, and an external pocket to store documents. This case is priced at a snip of just over £100.

Both of these cases are available from iCarryAlls.

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