Autumn Road Trip Ideas: At Home and Away

Autumn is now upon us, and as the temperature takes a turn for the worse, the nights get darker, and we all feel the impending strain of the festive season; now can be a great time to take a road trip and enjoy the last month or so of decent weather.

Indeed, there’s something very cosy about this time of year and it can be one of the most magical times to explore nature; both at home and abroad.  In this article, we’re going to look at a hotlist of road trip adventures that are perfect for autumn; whether you’re looking to embrace the change in seasons, have one last bout in the sunshine, or get away from it all.


This is the longest coastal route in the world, which runs 2,500km along the Western Coast of Ireland.  This is a very natural and beautiful landscape, yet, it is pretty cold and notoriously wet – so whilst this is a great place to venture in autumn due to the nature you’ll experience along the way, it’s imperative you take a raincoat.

This trip is for you if you love nothing more than the idea of cosying down in a pub where you’ll be given a warm welcome, served with some warming food, and offered a warm bed for the night in humble yet cosy surroundings.  Indeed, whilst the weather might be a little on the cold side at this time of year the warmth of the Irish will put you right.


In Portugal, the coastal route from Porto to Lisbon is breathtakingly beautiful; as is the route from Lisbon to Albufeira.  You could combine the two, if you have time, as Portugal is the perfect place for slow travel – ideal if you want to embrace the local culture and stay in a home with Interhome rather than a commercial hotel.

In the alternative, Portugal is a great place for a weekend break, particularly Lisbon.

The laidback life is akin to that you might find in Spain, yet people are a little more efficient and the majority of people speak great English.  The routes above are perfect for those that love big crashing waves and the rugged coastlines you find in Cornwall, yet with warmer temperatures, and arguably, better food.

The scene here is very much a chilled out vibe where you can enjoy a glass of decent red wine for one euro, whilst listening to a live acoustic band in a ramshackle cafe right on the beach.


Similar to Ireland in the sense that you’re not going to find all that much sun in this part of the world, as it is known as the wettest area of England… yet, the Lake District truly comes alive in the autumn where the trees put on a dazzling display of warm orange and red hues in perfect contrast to the blue sky (if you’re lucky) and emerald green waters of the lakes below.

In reality, anywhere you drive in the Lake District is beautiful at this time of year, though the further North you head toward Keswick the more remote and natural your surroundings become.  The smaller towns and villages of places like Consiton and Grasmere tend to be a good bet, at this time of year.

Why not even stop off in the Lake District and have a nice romantic Hot Tub Retreat?


If you’re in search of some autumn sunshine then you could always head to the Florida Keys.  

Here, it feels like it’s summer all year around where there’s a relaxed party vibe throughout the keys, particularly in Key West.  If you’re heading out this way, you could even pick up an RV, which will give you more options in terms of extending your budget as accommodation on the islands can be rather pricey.  That said, at this time of year, it’s low season – so you might be able to grab a good deal.

The US 1 from Miami to Key West is just a 150 mile drive, which in the most part, is surrounded by ocean connecting a number of small islands.  It’s a small yet beautiful drive that, if you have the cash to splash, is perfect in a convertible!

In summary, autumn doesn’t have to be a time where we stay indoors and prepare for the cold dreary months ahead – it can be a time to embrace the change in season, either in England or Ireland… or have a change of scenery in Portugal where the weather is still such that you can come back nicely bronzed, or if you really fancy a change of scenery, head to Florida and explore the magical keys.

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