5 Ways To Help Your Computer Run Efficiently

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Computers are now a big part of many of our lives, with a considerable amount of people using them on a day to day basis. Although they can be handy, there aren’t many things that are more annoying than sitting and waiting for your computer to load a web page or to unfreeze. There are many reasons your computer may not be running as well as it should be, so below you can find some useful tips to help get your computer running efficiently.

Complete Antivirus and Malware Checks

Spyware can seriously compromise your security, it has the ability to monitor your activity and to collect information about you. A virus can significantly slow down your computer and cause you to lose important data. This means that keeping your antivirus software updated and allowing it to run a regular full scan of your computer is a priority for keeping your computer running smoothly and securely.

Check For The Latest Updates

Having a slow computer or one that freezes is definitely less than ideal, yet sometimes this is unavoidable and we find ourselves asking how to unfreeze a mac or how to prevent a computer from crashing. One of the best things that you can do with these often recurring problems is to find the cause and look into the ways that you can fix these. Simply keeping all of your software up to date can help your computer to run more efficiently. It’s a good idea to not only update the operating system that you are using such as windows or mac but also any applications, web browsers and drivers.

Minimise Startup Programmes

A common cause of a slow computer can be having too many programmes starting up when the computer is first turned on. A lot of programmes will ask for permission to start when your computer starts when they are first installed and continue to run in the background, an easy way to minimise the effect these have on the speed of your computer is to make sure the permission isn’t granted. It may also be a good idea to check which programmes are already starting up and remove the permission for any that you don’t need.

Deep Clean Your Hard Drive

Your hard drive is an important piece of equipment for a computer to run smoothly and this means that you should take care of it. This means that completing a regular clean of the hard drive is a really effective way of helping it to run well. A hard drive will often become clogged with unused programmes, temporary files such as caches, backup files and trash so by taking the time to uninstall any unused programmes, clearing history, emptying your recycle bin and removing old backups may improve the performance of your computer. Another handy way to help reduce the space used on a hard drive is to use tools such as the Cloud, Dropbox and external hard drives.

Upgrade your RAM.

RAM is an essential component for a computer to run therefore upgrading the capacity can often make a computer run quicker, helping it to handle more operations at one time. It is important when looking into upgrading your RAM that you do your research and check the compatibility and the capacity that the computer can hold as many computers have a specific type and a limit to the amount of RAM that can be installed.

Why not share in the comments section any tips you have for helping your computer to run efficiently?

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