6 Steps to Secure Technology

We’re all surrounded by technology. But do you keep your technology safe and secure at all times? If you don’t, here’s how to.

Anti-Virus Software

Every computer and device you have needs to have anti-virus software installed on it. This is the only way you’ll ever be able to make sure you keep your technology free from viruses. If your computer or tablet ever did get infected by a virus, everything you have saved on it could be lost, and you’ll have to replace the device itself. This delivers a financial blow to you as well as a personal one if you lose precious photos and things.

Very Strong Passwords

Don’t be someone who makes things easy for hackers by having a weak password on your computer and its software. Your password should be something that’s long, combines numbers letters and other characters, and difficult to guess for people who know you. You should also be careful to change the password regularly. If you leave the password the same for a long time, you put yourself and your technology at risk unnecessarily.


Not many people bother to insure their technology, but more people should. It doesn’t take much time or money to take out a policy, and it could save you a lot of cash in the future. Websites like Protect Your Bubble specialise in technology insurance. You can insure tablets, phones and computers. Then, when you inevitably drop your phone on the floor, you will be able to get compensation if it does break.

Protective Cases

All phones and tablets you own should be kept in a case. This stops them from getting scratched and damaged when you use them. That way, they’ll last a lot longer, and you’ll get more from the money you spent on them. You can find iPhone and iPad cases on the internet pretty cheaply and easily. It’s a small investment to make for the safety and security you get in return.


Your technology probably holds personal and sensitive information and documents that you don’t want anyone else to gain access to. The only way to secure these files and make sure hackers can’t get to them is to encrypt them. That makes it incredibly difficult for even the most talented hackers to access to your information. You run the risk of things like identity theft if you don’t keep your information safe and secure

Always Use Secure Connections

Whenever you connect to a server, your data becomes a little more vulnerable. And you’re at huge risk if the server you’re connected to isn’t secure. You should make sure you never connect to a server you don’t know anything about. If your security system ever flashes up and tells you that the connection isn’t secure, you should immediately stop using it. Hackers often use these connections to get access to devices.

Secure technology is possible if you put in the effort and follow these 6 key tips.

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