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    Published on February 9th, 2014 | by James Simpson


    3D Printers – The Ultimate List

    Since my last blog post explaining the future of 3D Printers, the market has grown immensely, with new companies popping up at least every other week, offering the new cheaper, or in some cases more expensive, but with better components, choosing a 3D Printer can be a mine field of information.

    Basically most of the 3D printers are exactly the same, but with different components, much like a car, they are built to get you from A to B, but they have different external looks and different components which make them run, but in the end, you’ll get to your destination (some faster than others).

    Having been looking at hundreds of the current 3D printers over the past few months, and trying to keep up with the new models and new companies arising, I have created a list of all the 3D printers I have researched, and provided details of the main parts which can be filtered to find the correct 3D printer for you.

    3D Printers – The Ultimate List

    CompanyPrinterYearBuild Size(cm)ResolutionTypeFromPrice(GBP)
    3D Stuff MakerCreator201311.0×13.0x10.5100µmPLAAU730
    UltimakerUltimaker 2201423.0×22.5×20.520µmPLANL£1600
    Active 3DActive X1201427.0×22.0x22.080µmPLAGB£899
    Robo 3D R1 201325.4×22.8×20.3100µmABSUSA£430+pp
    Robo 3D R1 (PLA)201325.4×22.8×20.3100µmABS+PLAUS£430+pp

    If you feel I have missed any 3D Printers off the list, please let me know via the contact form – This will be an ongoing list as and when I research more into the different companies and 3D Printers available. If you are a company wanting to promote your new 3D Printer, please get in touch.


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