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Business Technology

Open your eyes, and what do you see? Technology. No matter where you look these days, you’ll probably see some tech. It’s all around us and engulfing our lives. In the business world, technology has helped to improve things over the years. I take a look at four fairly recent advancements that have improved businesses.

Fingerprint Scanners

One of the greatest developments in mobile technology was the introduction of fingerprint scanners. Everyone freaked out when they realised they could use their fingerprint to unlock their iPhone. But, you can adapt this technology for business use. You can get scanners installed around your office to increase the security. Instead of a traditional door lock, have a fingerprint scanner. It’s possible to get one hooked up to your computer too. This means that you can use your print to unlock your PC. This is a technology that can make your business a lot more secure.

The Cloud

No, not that white fluffy thing in the sky. The cloud is a way for you to access and store data over the internet. This means that instead of storing everything on a PC, you store it on one of the cloud services out there. There are many cloud providers, and they each have their benefits. But, the general benefit of cloud technology is that it makes businesses way more productive. If you have all the data online, it can be accessed anywhere at any time. Your employees can essentially do work wherever there’s an internet connection. You can literally run your entire business through the cloud these days.

Cloud Technology

Tablets/Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets aren’t only great for playing Angry Birds on. Nowadays, they can be great additions to your business. Some businesses offer tablets/phones to employees for business use. This is because there are so many things you can do with them. I’ve mentioned the cloud, well you can use them to access it in an instant. This means employees can work on the move. Also, phones have become a key for everyone to communicate. If everyone has a smartphone, it’s easy to stay in touch. Again, like with the cloud, this makes your business more productive. And, it can also make it more connected.

Tablet PC


Contactless Payment

Gone are the days where you actually had to insert your card into a machine to pay for things! Now, there are ways to make contactless payments. So, you don’t waste time putting your card in and entering a pin code. A transaction can be completed with the flash of a card or wave of a smartphone. For businesses, this means more ways for people to pay for things. It also means that payments are quicker and more convenient.

At the end of the day, the business world needs technology. If a business doesn’t use it, then it’s going to fall short of the competition. Because technology is all around us, people get freaked out when it’s not there. So, a business needs to use technology to keep pace with the modern world.

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