Yes, You Can Afford A Jaguar! Here’s How

Jaguar Emblum

For many car-lovers, Jaguar is the ultimate car manufacturer. The pride of having that fierce Jag badge on the front grill is like nothing else. The exquisite design and sophisticated refinement is unique to Jaguar. Under the bonnet, each car comes with a ferocious engine that roars like its namesake. Buying a Jag means attaining a certain status symbol too. It’s a refined statement, and you can park it with pride on your driveway.

It sounds fantastic; there’s just one small problem: the price tag. To buy a brand new Jaguar, it often seems like you need a second mortgage! The price you pay for luxury is high, and you’ll find yourself counting every last penny. Fear not, there is a way to afford your precious Jaguar. In fact, there are many ways, and we’ll walk you through a variety of options. Many Jags are not as out-of-reach as you may think. You can afford a Jaguar. Here’s how.

Buy second-hand – First of all, open yourself up to the used market. Sure, we’d all love a sparkling new Jaguar with this year’s number plates. But, opt for a used model, and you could save half the money. The best/worst thing about luxury cars is that they depreciate fast. A Jaguar will lose its value quickly in the first few years of life. Take a look at the used Jags on, and see for yourself.

Lease it – If you’re desperate for your very own Jaguar, have you considered leasing? Leasing a car is much like a long-term hire. You pay a deposit, followed by monthly repayments to loan the car. At the end of the two-three year term, you simply hand it back. Leasing is great because the payments are often much lower than when you buy the car. Of course, you never own the car outright, but you do get to drive around in a Jaguar for a few years!

Save a big deposit – Whatever route you choose, we always advise saving the biggest possible deposit. Whether leasing, buying, or financing, a large deposit will always bring the price down. A large deposit means fewer repayments and lower costs. You’ll also reduce the amount of interest you pay back. Best of all, a large deposit puts you in a better bargaining position with the dealers. We know you’re hungry for the Jaguar right now! But, take the time to build a healthy deposit first. You’ll thank yourself later. Plus, saving is easy when there’s a Jaguar at the end of the tunnel.

Finance options – When buying a car, your first port of call is usually the bank. They’re the best place to loan the necessary money. However, some buyers are turned down, especially if you’re pushing your budget for a Jaguar! Instead, ask your dealer about the finance plans. There are a couple of fantastic finance options such as ‘hire purchase’ and ‘personal contract plan’. They work by paying small amounts monthly. The only catch is that you don’t own the car until you pay off the full balance. Still, it’s a great way to get the Jaguar on your driveway!

You really can afford a Jaguar. Follow this advice, and you’ll be living in luxury in no time.

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