Mercedes HP: Win Your Horses Back By Learning Why Old Cars Lose Power

Horsepower is part of the reason you love to drive. The excitement that runs through your veins when you press the throttle is hard to replicate anywhere else in life. Plus, with a Mercedes, you should get top speeds and reliability thanks to German engineering. Sure, a Merc is a little more expensive than most cars, but it’s a solid investment.

At least, it is until you learn that Mercedes lose HP like any other vehicle as they age. After spending money on a luxury motor, you want to get your horses back and maintain your love of driving. Continue reading to find out the automotive hacks that make your goal doable.

Unclog The Air Filters

A repair that pretty much anyone can do is to check if the air filters are clogged. If they are, they need unclogging to ensure the air can pass through and out of them efficiently. Although filters don’t seem important or technical, they are imperative to driving fast because the engine requires air to work properly. Clogged filters stop the necessary amount from getting into the engine, therefore restricting power. Also, listen to the exhaust as air might get trapped and not be able to leave the car, slowing it down.

Repair The Propshaft

This is where things start to get more complicated. The propshaft is the mechanism that transmits torque and rotation to the engine via the drive train. So, if it’s not working to its maximum level, the level of torque will be lower, and that will directly impact the amount of power on offer. A Mercedes Benz propshaft can come in many different shapes and sizes, but you’ll be glad to hear it’s not too hard to source the right one. Head to a professional and give them your vehicle’s registration number. They’ll do the rest!

Modernise Old Parts

Unfortunately, fighting Mother Nature is a battle that everyone and everything loses in the end. Mercedes cars are no different, and that’s why modernising old parts is essential. Otherwise, they will fail and could lead to problems that include an inefficient flow of fuel or debris in the engine. The latter is terminal as far as power and reliability are concerned. The fuel filter is a good place to start if it’s not getting any younger, as are the pistons and valve seals. When they start to go, oil, air, and fuel get into places they shouldn’t and put extra strain on the engine.

Look Under The Bonnet

As basic as it sounds, the power won’t be as great if the spark plugs aren’t connected correctly. Without a spark, a piece of the circuit is missing. You won’t be happy to hear that plugs can become misplaced through general wear and tear, or a rough ride. The suspension could be an issue, then, as could low-quality roads, of which there are loads! A quick check under the bonnet will show you whether the spark plugs are loose and need reconnecting.

Do you have an old Mercedes Benz that’s losing power? Could it be any of the reasons on this list?

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