Buy Used Car Parts Without Getting Screwed Over

Car Breakers

Buying used car parts is a great alternative if you cannot afford to repair your car. Once you get it right, they are affordable and easy to source. Most of them are just as good as the brand new car parts as well. However, there are a lot of risks because you can go down the wrong path, and that is how you end up getting ripped off. Still, as long as you have a few tricks up your sleeve, you can repair your car at a great price.

Do Your Research

Without the proper knowledge, you are bound to run into problems. Cowboy traders prey on people who don’t fully understand what they are looking for. Once they find you, they will use a lot of fancy jargon to make them seem credible, as well as confuse you, and that is when you make silly mistakes. Often, when people panic they don’t think rationally about the consequences. If you are unsure, go online and find out what you need to look out for or ask a professional.


Before you make a purchase, ring the official dealership and ask them for specific part numbers. You don’t have to buy the parts from the dealership; you just need their expertise and their inventory! Don’t let on that you are not going to buy from them because they might make life harder. Once you have confirmed the number, you know what you are looking to buy. If you don’t confirm the number, any trouble that comes your way is your fault.


Just because they are second-hand already doesn’t mean you cannot barter for the price. In fact, because of the informal environment you should always try and haggle. Used car dealerships will be ready for it because everyone tries this tactic. One tip is to meet in the middle and compromise. If you go too far the other way, you will ruin the negotiations.

Ask For Documentation

A lot of car parts will come with receipts. Okay, that might not be the perfect documentation you are looking for, but it counts. A receipt is proof that the dealership bought the part and didn’t just pick it up from a car breakers yard. Without a proof of purchase, they could use any old used car part and sell if off as completely new. You will pay a lot extra for the part, and it will probably end up breaking down after a couple of uses.

Go To The Scrapyard

You are allowed to visit the scrapyard, though. At least when you do it, you understand that it might not work. Plus, you won’t pay anything for the part, so it is a risk worth taking. As long as you know what you are looking for, it could be the best bargain you ever found.

Scrap Yard

I am not going to lie; there are a lot of risks involved with used car parts. Still, that doesn’t mean they are not the cheap alternative you are looking for. It just means you need to take extra care when you deal with used parts.

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