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    Published on November 2nd, 2010 | by James Simpson


    Toyota Rav4 MK3 (2007-) Stereo Removal

    This is a how to guide on removing the standard Toyota Rav4 MK3 stereo in a 2007 + Toyota Rav4. You may be doing this to fit a hands free kit or the likes. Your stereo should look like the stereo below

    Toyota Rav-4 MK3 Dashboard

    Recomended Tools*

    *Note above are general tools you should have when doing this type of job, but you may not need them, see tutorial for exact tools needed


    • If you are fitting a Hands Free Kit (Parrot/Motorola) you will require a SOT-



    Using your Bojo tool, gently prise the plastic trim off towards you (this holds the 4 wheel drive button)

    As you can see on this picture, the plastic trim comes out on pop clips directly out towards you

    Do the same again on the other side of the dash (the plastic trim that holds the hazard button)

    You shall now see two 10mm bolts on the passenger side

    And two 10mm bots on the drivers side

    Once you have undone the above bolts, the stereo simply slides out and unplugs.

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