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    Published on October 5th, 2014 | by James Simpson


    Jailbreak Your New iPhone 6

    Jailbreaking iPhone isn’t something new, its been happening ever since the first iPhone 1 came out many years ago (2007). There has been many websites dedicated to this, but one of the best websites out there to keep up to date on all the iOS news and jailbreaks is

    This article will describe every aspect of Jailbreaking, what it is, and how it can help you break out of the hold of Apple’s firmware and open up a whole range of possibilities.

     What is Jailbreaking

    Jailbreaking is basically hacking the standard iOS operating system, stripping back some of the security features Apple implement to stop people hacking their operating system, and opening up the world of Open Source, and allowing anyone to implement new features easily on the iPhone. Jailbreaking involves installing “patches” onto your iOS device, and opening up different ways it install packages onto your iPhone/iPad/iPod via a new type of app store (which are more then always free apps).

    What Can I Do With A Jailbroken iOS Device

    The possibilities are endless once you have opened up your device, such things as:

    • Customise your theme – This can be changing what the buttons and icons look like, and change the whole User Interface (UI) to anything that takes your fancy, breaking out from the usual Apple theme to something more suited for you.
    • Shortcuts – Create brand new shortcuts anywhere on your iPhone, including specific swipes, shakes, taps, or even using a sequence of button presses to open up any app on your device.
    • New Lock Screen – Display more information on the lock screen then what Apple allow you, receive notifications, and action notifications directly from your lock screen, without the need of opening up the phone and navigating to the specific app.
    • Security – The standard Apple security is pretty tight, but there are many apps out there to make the security even better, such as apps to take pictures of the people using your iPhone (in the case of a stolen phone, or one of your friends typing the passcode incorrectly).
    • Change Ringtones – Use your songs for ringtones, instead of purchasing and downloading new ringtones directly from Apple

    This is only a short list, basically the possibilities are endless with a Jailbroken iOS device.

    How Do You Jailbreak an iPhone/iPad

    There are many tutorials out there with different methods depending on your current operating system, and device, but if you read through website, you’ll find up to date software/releases on the newest and easiest methods of Jailbreaking your device.


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