SyncToy (2.1) Hidden Task Windows 7 Backup

Microsoft SyncToy Backup Program

I have now finally managed to get my Network Attached Storage (NAS) all sorted now, so I figured it was time to make a backup of my files (mainly website design things, and other personal files) on a daily basis, just in case something happened – you know how it is….

Anyway, after a quick search, I came across a nice little FREE program (form Microsoft) called SyncToy, which does exactly what I was after. Basically you set a folder(s) you want to sync to another location (in my case a location on my NAS). You can setup more then one location to backup from, and to.

Handily, there are two ways to run this, one is manual (with a nice easy to use GUI), and the other is a command line version, which can be used to run the backup/sync from a scheduled task – The only downside to this is the black command line box pops up, but there is a handy work around program here:

Place the program in the SyncToy folder, and make the scheduled task run this new program, with the tags /hidden /quite and it will happily run in the background without you even knowing.

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