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    Published on October 18th, 2014 | by James Simpson


    The All-New Kindle Voyage Touch Screen E-Reader

    The new Kindle Voyage is hard not to fall for. Amazon have done some real bug fixes before releasing the Kindle Voyage, taking into account all the former Kindle e-reader bugs and annoyances and ironing them all out and creating the sleek and easy-to-use touchscreen e-reader.

    What makes the Amazon Kindle’s better than any tablet for reading books, is it allows users to read anything that is displayed on screen no matter how sunny it is outside.

    Amazon Kindle Voayager Bright Sun

    It doesn’t just end there, Amazon have made the Voyage the thinnest, lightest and the biggest screen they possibly can in this tight and compact unit. Amazon have managed to fit a 6 inch screen, at a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, which makes the text incredibly sharp and extremely readable, even when changing the font size to the smallest the Kindle Voyage allows.

    The Voyage also allows you to read at night, with its front lit screen, which can also detect when you are reading at night, to automatically dim the brightness of the screen, as not to stress your eyes. The screen also finally sits flush with the front of the Voyage, making a single flat pane of glass (yes glass, this is not cheap plastic screen).

    Amazon have also removed all the buttons from the unit, turning it into a complete touch screen experience, but some die-hard Kindle fans love pressing the buttons on the side of their Kindles to flip to the next page, this is where Amazon have gone all out and created what is known as “PagePress”, which allows the readers to simply squeeze the lower left or right of the Kindle Voyage to flip the page back or forward. This allows the users to keep their hands in the same place at all times easily switching pages.

    Finally, it’s always best to keep your new device protected with a nice Kindle Case or Cover from Case Happy, you never know what you may drop or spill on your e-reader.


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