Don’t have the hassle of selling you old car- scrap it instead

If you have ever had to sell an old car then you will know just how painful it can be. Not only do you need to think about the best way to advertise your car, but you also need to ensure that you present all the correct information and set yourself a reasonable price.

This already sounds like quite a bit of work, so, add into this that you are going to need to speak to people who enquire about the car as well as go through emails and questions and it is starting to give us a headache.

The good news for those who have an old car that they are trying to get rid of, is that there is another way to move it on, but still get some money for it. This comes in the form of scrapping. But what makes scrapping your car a much better option for you then trying to sell it on?

Your car is valued in parts

When you sell a car, you are going to set a price and then to try and sell it for that price. You may find that the car isn’t worth as much as you would hope, usually because there is a problem with the bodywork or with some of the main parts of it.

When you scrap a car, the car is never looked at as a whole, it is broken down into its components and each one is going to be worth its own money. You may find that selling your car would only net you £400 in total, but by taking it to the scrap dealer you are going to see £300 for your engine alone.

Someone might be looking for exactly what you have

The phrase one person’s trash is another person’s treasure is never truer than in the world of scrap cars. You might think that your old, past its prime car is not going to be worth anything, but there could be someone out there who is looking for the exact part of component that it has. Usually to replace something in their own car.

This means that your car has suddenly escalated in value, has suddenly become something that is sought after and that people will pay out for. Which is pretty good news for you.

Of course these things are great and will likely tempt you into scrapping your car, but one of the main benefits to this over selling is that it is quick and easy to do. You don’t have to spend all your time advertising your car, you can simply make one or two phone calls or even take a look at a dedicated website such as and you will find that getting rid of that car is a lot easier than you realise.

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