See the World In Style, Just Like James Bond

Who doesn’t want to see the world? Sure, the backpacking lifestyle is appealing for a lot of people, but there’s only so many times you can share a dorm room and wake up remembering little, if anything, of what you saw the day before. Instead, you can think about ways where you can still see the world but do so in style.

Seeing the world isn’t all about waiting for flights to depart or dragging luggage through busy, unfamiliar cities. You’ve got to enjoy it, too. By traveling in style, that’s precisely what you can do.

Cruisin’ The Ocean

An ocean cruise might appear to be something that’s more associated with older folk wanting to feel the fresh sea air as they enjoy their retirement. Still, there’s something effortlessly classy about a cruise around the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

All meals, drinks, and entertainment are organized for you before you pull up the anchor and venture into the vast expanse of the deep blue. With the potential for the all-day sun, while still having the opportunity to catch some respite in the bar if it gets too hot, you’ll feel almost royal. Plus, the ocean cruise brings with it murmurs of classic murder mystery novels, which always adds a little excitement, even if you know for a fact you’ll be safe.

Up In the Air

Okay, so taking a helicopter ride may not strictly be travelling the world. It’s more likely to be a short tour around some of the most famous attractions the world over. However, you’d be kidding yourself if you claim you’re not someone who looks up at passing helicopters and doesn’t wonder why someone so famous is flying overhead.

The beauty of a helicopter ride is in its versatility. You can view mountain peaks from up above; you can take on up to the top of ski slopes that are so remote there’s not a chair lift in sight. A helicopter ride is something that not many get to do, and even if they do, they can only do it once, so join the club.

Road Trippin’

You could take a road trip in the classic VW van and try to recreate the Summer of Love, but the hippy lifestyle is not for everyone, so why not consider a similar adventure, only with a classic car to get you from A to B all the way to Z. By purchasing a used Aston Martin, you’ll get plenty more eyes on you, with heads turning as you drive past.

With road trips come freedom. You can travel as you please. So whether you want to wind through the Italian Alps humming the 007 theme or take a journey across the USA, the opportunity is there and there will be no one to stop you doing either.

Shakin’ and Stirred

Whether you want to take a whole year to see as much as you can or make the most of your vacation days, travelling in style is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. You might not have the same affinity for those who lived out of a travel backpack with wheels¬†for six months, but you’ll have something that they couldn’t understand.

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