Ruby On Rails – Buzzword of the Web Development

Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails is the buzzword in the world of web development. Many web developers have been choosing this object-oriented, multi-level, full-stack framework due to its numerous advantages. Here are some of them:

1. Speedy development
A range of handy tools, easy handling and helpful community can turn the slowest developer in the world into a rapid code master. The speed of development can increase by 30-40% in comparison with other technologies. Your project will be up and running in no time at all.

2. Saves money
Not only does Ruby on Rails saves time, it also saves money. The technology is absolutely free and runs on Linux, which is open-source as well. Whether you are a client or a project lead, we think no one is going to complain about RoR being free.

3. No sloppy code
The entry point to Ruby on Rails is very high. Even if you hire a RoR beginner, you will be working with an experienced programmer who already knows how to code well using PHP/C/Java. It takes hell of a lot of time and practice to learn to use Ruby on Rails, so bad code is entirely out of the question.

4. Excellent built-in tools
RoR has some great built-in testing, caching, localization, validation and deployment tools, plus you can customize routing and titles to make sure your projects have beautiful URLs. Database migration in Rails is excellent. All structure changes are instantly documented. What else could you possibly want?

5. Active community
As is the case with many other open-source projects, the Ruby on Rails community is thriving. RoR developers readily share what they have found, and if you need a certain part of code for a certain function, chances are someone else has already made something close to what you need. The community is full of people willing to help you fix whatever issues you might come across when developing your project.

6. Hiqh quality result
A project written in Ruby on Rails is highly structured and readable, and safety is top-notch. If you hire RoR professionals, like the Railsware team, you will not be disappointed with the result. Railsware is a development company headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine and New York, USA. Railsware consists of a dedicated team of professionals capable of creating high quality products using Ruby on Rails as the core technology. And it’s not only about excellent code writing. Railsware builds an entire product and offers further support and improvement to make sure your project works with maximum efficiency.

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