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If you are a gym goer or even a runner, you’ll know what a pain it can be to keep control of your headphones while working out. MagClip has the answers we have all been waiting for.

When running, or doing any form of intensive exercise, I always find myself battling with my headphone wires flying all over the place. I have even tried putting my headphone cables under my t-shirt to stop this, but then doesn’t allow me to easily control the volume or tracks that are playing. But now MagClip, which is currently featured on Kickstarter, resolves this issue by allowing you to safely and securely attach the top part of your headphones to any clothing with just the use of magnets.

In their press release, the MagClip inventors state the following:

MagClip is a patent pending 2 piece Magnetic Clip system that helps users seamlessly attach earbuds to their clothes. This secures the earbuds and helps prevent them from falling out and from bouncing around carelessly. It also improves the way you interact with your earbuds.The MagClip is composed of two rare-earth magnets that attach to your earbud cords, then securely fasten your earbuds wires to the your shirt. The magnets are strong, making them suitable for attachment to even thick clothing.  By using the MagClip, the user can focus on doing what they enjoy without having to worry about interference from loose wires. MagClip is the ultimate is solution for earbud tangling. By using MagClip the user will never have to worry about tangling earbuds again.

For more information and to back their pledge, see their Kickstarter Page.

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