3 Technologies That Will Let You Listen To Music Wherever You Go!

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If you’re a music lover, then the chances are that you’re going to want to be able to listen to it wherever you go. In the past, people would be stuck to the side of their record player if they wanted to listen to their favourite tunes. However, now technology has made music listening ever so easy! Here are some of our favourite ways to listen to music on the go! Check them out.


One of the gadgets making the whole of your life easier for you in the 21st century is your smartphone. So, why not take advantage of all its epic capabilities and turn it into a portable music playing device? Apps like Spotify and Apple Music are perfect for this! If you love being able to stream your favourite tracks wherever you have a data connection, then you’re going to love these two. So long as you have Wi-Fi connectivity or a mobile data connection, you’re good to go! That’s one of the best things about smartphones. With so many connectivity options and so many music apps available to download, they really can become a music lover’s haven. If you pick up a Bluetooth speaker, you can play all of these all tunes from your smartphone out loud through a higher fidelity sound system. Products such as the Google Chromecast Audio are helping consumers turn their old speakers into wireless ones. It is all done with the help of a small dongle and the Google Play Music app. This bit of tech really is the future for you music fanatics!

In Car Stereos

Who doesn’t love a bit of in car music? Have you ever fancied customising your vehicle to house the latest and greatest in infotainment systems? If so, then you’ve probably heard of Apple CarPlay. This system enables you to pair your smartphone (an iPhone) to your car. The dashboard screen then mirrors some of the key functionalities of your phone so that you can use these easily, and safely, while driving. Aside from making phone calls and using Maps to navigate, you can also control your Spotify and Apple Music. How awesome? Now, even when you’re driving you can listen to your tunes! Not just when you’re strolling around with earphones in.

In Car Stereo


DAB Radios

Finally, another solution to your music listening needs is a DAB digital radio! These are ideal for when you want to listen to music outside the range of Wi-Fi or mobile data connectivity. Or, simply when you fancy a change from your pre-chosen tracks. The best thing about DAB radios is that you don’t need to remember any frequency numbers – simply the name of the station is all that you require! Now you can kick back and listen to some of the hottest tracks that you are yet to discover.

DAB Radio

So, if you love your music as much as us, then why not get on board with these technological innovations and get listening everywhere you go? Tech is changing the way we enjoy life – so embrace it!

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