Preparing for Scooby Shootout 2010

Well seeing as the car has been locked away in the garage since Croft back in June, I thought I would treat her to a full service (oil chance / brake fluid change – needed doing as I boiled the last lot at croft anyway).

After reading some posts on ScoobyNet, I thought I would try out the Halfords 5W/50 Motorsport Oil (Made by Comma Oils), some people have used it on their and said it was fine, so I just picked some up from work on trade, and thought I would see how I get on with it. I also spotted some Millers Dot4 Racing Brake Fluid when I visited Motorscope in Northallerton (thought I would get some after seeing some reviews on ScoobyNet)

Good thing is, I found out today that Motorscope can make custom lines for anything, so I think I’ll be going to them to get my new braided brake hoses done.

Going to rip out all the standard copper pipes, run new braided line from Master Cylinder, into the cab of the car to the bias valve, from valve down to the back of the car into a T-Piece and off into each of the rear callipers. Then on the other feed from the Master Cylinder, I will bring it out into a T-Piece and into each of the front callipers… Hopefully this will give me better braking (well it should be the best it could get)

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