How Does A Petrol Pump Know When To Stop

How Does A Petrol Pump Know When To Stop

So, how does a petrol pump know when to stop? – This question has played on my mind every time I go to fill up my car, which is quite a lot with the MPG I get out of my Focus ST at the moment.

Apparently it isn’t as straight forward as I thought, and includes quite a bit of physics and some quite clever thinking in who ever invented this design (I bet he’s rubbing his hands and bathing in money at this moment in time).

The video above answers everyone’s question about this jiggery-pokery witchcraft every fuel station in the world uses to stop that precious fuel spilling all over the floors, and with the price of Petrol/Diesel now days (well here in the UK), this stuff is nearly as precious as Gold!

How Does A Petrol Pump Know When To Stop

The image above shows the inlet which detects the pressure (bottom of the outlet nozzle), once the car filler pipe starts to get full, fuel is then sucked up this small pipe into the diaphragm, which then compresses, which then triggers the trigger to release and stops pumping fuel into the car.Petrol Pump Diagram

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