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    Published on April 26th, 2013 | by James Simpson


    Puncture Repair Kits (Don’t Use) – No Spare Wheel?

    Most modern cars do not come with a spare tyre, or even a space saving tyre in the boot, they seem to be getting replaced with puncture repair kits. Everyone will get a puncture in their car at some point in time (if you have NEVER had a flat tyre, then please get in touch and provide me with some lotto numbers). I myself have had my fair share, and just recently had a bad puncture after hitting one of many pot holes (I sometimes wonder what I pay road tax for).

    There are a couple of reasons why car manufacturers no longer provide a spare wheel:

    • Allow customers to have a bigger boot
    • Save weight (better fuel economy)
    • Save car manufacturers a little bit of money

    Instead of a spare wheel, a puncture repair kit is provided, or what is known as tyre foam, and a pump. Now you may think this is great, but as I have explained previously, do NOT use these kits (only for a real emergency, where your stranded in the middle of no where, its dark and your a single female).

    Puncture Repair Kits

    These come in many shapes and sizes, but the principals are the same. These feature some foam/gel sealant, and a pump, which inflates the tyre while pumping air and the sealant into the tyre, and forces it out the hole. This then has a reaction, and seals the hole to make it air tight to get you to the garage.

    Puncture Repair Kits


    • Puncture repair kits allow you to quickly and easily repaired yourself at the side of the road only if you have a nail in the tread of the wheel. No mess or strength involved in jacking the car up, and removing the wheel, to replace with another wheel/space saver.


    • Unlike replacing the wheel for a spare, using puncture repair kits are NOT a permanent fix, and your tyre will need replacing ASAP
    • If you have a large hole in your tyre, a cut in the side wall of the tyre, or a complete blow out, this kit is completely useless – Which will mean you will have to call your recovery company and have the vehicle towed to your nearest garage
    • You will have to limit your speed, get yourself to a garage, where they will tell you that you can no longer use a “bung” to seal the hole where that nail was, and get a brand new tyre (not cheap now days)
    • You will also have to order a new bottle of tyre foam/gel/repair kit from your dealer (as this is a MOT requirement to have this in your vehicle)
    • Will cost you more overall if you have a puncture, especially just a simple nail in your tyre.

    As you can see the disadvantages of using puncture repair kits outweigh the advantages.

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