Need a Car This Year? Consider an EV

Tesla Electric Vehicle


When you stop to think about it your gas powered car costs quite a lot of money to run. You need to buy the gas on a daily basis, and then service all the working parts; the oil, the pumps, the filters, the plugs. Over time this all adds up to extra costs, even if you’re on a higher purchase agreement. 

Now consider the advantages of an EV car. Of course an EV car still has wheels and brakes that need maintenance, but apart from that, there is far less to think about. There’s a battery instead of an engine, so no quarterly service needed for oil changes. 


In previous years and decades EVs have acquired a reputation for being underperforming vehicles. A Battery was never able to produce the same acceleration as a gas powered vehicle and they couldn’t compete on cost either. All that has changed as consumer demand for cleaner cars continues to grow. 

These days, the EVs you can buy are quicker and quieter than ever before. Not only that they are even faster, in some cases, than gas powered models. Add to this the additional features of a soundless driving experience, a cheaper to run vehicle, and cleaner air, and you have a recipe for the future of road travel. 


By virtue of being electric and battery powered, EV cars don’t require regular fill ups at the gas station. This is fortunate since peak oil has passed and the reservoirs are on a downward trajectory. Thankfully the demand for oil is starting to diminish as well securing the future for EV cars. 

The advantages of using electric over gas go beyond the condition of the planet. Gas is a very toxic substance when emitted into the air. It causes the air in our towns and communities to be filled with harmful particulates that contribute to a range of heath conditions. 


While the technology in EV cars continues to develop and their reputation as effective alternatives to gas powered vehicles grows, some people remain unconvinced. Perhaps it is the stigma of EV cards that has developed over the decades, or the uncertainty of how they will operate in practice. 

Thankfully there is a solution to this dilemma. The solution is to lease the vehicle. Leasing an EV means you don’t have to take on the burden of high monthly payments and can still sample the benefits of using an EV. With a lease you pay a lower sum every month and swap the vehicle for a replacement. Find out more at What is Car Finance.


It’s something of a misnomer that EVs have zero emissions. The cars are often advertised as having zero emissions but the truth is they still use electricity that is not net zero carbon. That said, the cars still have zero emissions at the tailpipe which is a massive step forward. 

Imagine a city that has air as clean as the countryside where people go on vacation. There is no passing exhaust smoke to make you choke or cause lung conditions in children. Your local town or nearby city will be clean, quiet, and safe in the coming years with the growing number of EVs – when you have one you won’t look back. 

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