How To Know When You Need New Parts

Car Parts

An important part of taking care of your vehicle is knowing when you need to replace one or more of the parts. This is something that is going to happen on a regular basis, so it’s vital to ensure that you can spot the exact moment when it needs to happen, and not leave it too late. In this post, we are going to take a look at a few of the most important car parts and see what the signs are for when you need to replace them. You might find that knowing this stuff helps you to keep your vehicles lasting for much longer.

The Battery

One of the most important parts of the car, your vehicle isn’t going to get anywhere at all without a working battery. How batteries work is that, after they have helped in starting the engine, the engine then continues to charge the batteries. That’s why cars can be jump-started and batteries brought back to life after being left flat. But that doesn’t mean that batteries don’t have a shelf-life – of course they do, and you will know when you need to replace yours, for it just won’t do anything when you try to jump it. That’s when it’s time to get on to r&j batteries for a new battery for your car.

The Brakes

We all know the signs of old brakes – the screeching sound, the delayed time in stopping the car – but we also all know that these signs can continue for quite a while without appearing to get much worse – so how can you be sure that it’s really time to change the brakes? The fact is that it only appears as if it’s not getting worse because it is happening so gradually. But really, you need to think about replacing the brakes as soon as you notice these signs. The longer you leave it, the more of a risk you are running when you drive your car.

Windscreen Wipers

The Wipers

Your windscreen wipers are important, and there is a reason that bad wipers is enough to fail your road test. The main sign that you need to think about replacing your wipers is that they are making that juddery sound when they go across the windscreen. You might also notice that the windscreen is not really becoming clearer even after using the wipers, which means the rubber has degraded past the point of no return. It’s time to replace them.


Unlike the other things mentioned here, changing the oil should be dictated primarily by the calendar, rather than any signs you are noticing when you drive. Just make sure you are always changing the oil every 3-6 months at the very least, ideally every 3 months. That way, you are keeping the engine in its best possible condition, and reducing the likelihood of causing any damage to it. Your car will also be smoother to drive, and you’ll notice fewer strange smells and sights as you drive it.

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