What is Setting Tesla Apart From the Competition?

Tesla Steaming Ahead

These days, when discussing pioneering car brands it is inevitably Tesla that is the first to spring to mind. No car brand has pushed boundaries, developed new technologies or disrupted the industry suite like Elon Musk’s company with their influence going far beyond the auto market.

The Current Market

The car market is going through change right now with the most notable trend the switch to electric vehicles. With motorists looking to become more sustainable, it has seen every brand get to work on sustainable vehicles but it is Tesla that has pulled away from the pack.

An Innovative Company

This is hardly surprising, as the Palo, Alto California-based company is much more than just the manufacturer of electric vehicles. Tesla is also a clean energy company that has a goal of helping the move towards sustainable transport and energy through electric vehicles and solar power with the brand becoming synonymous with futuristic-technology. Additionally, CEO Elon Musk has become a household name thanks to both his antics as well as his progressive ideas and forward-thinking nature – this includes his SpaceX brand with the goal of enabling the colonisation of Mars.

Tesla Vehicles

In terms of Tesla automobiles, they are certainly not like any other electric car on the road either. The performance statistics speak for themselves with the Model 3 boasting a range of 315 miles, a top speed of 162mph and a 0-60 time of just 3,1 seconds. They also have a futuristic, sleek style that can include glass roofs and falcon-wing doors and all kinds of amazing features such as autopilot, superchargers which allow recharging of hundreds of miles in just 1 hour and over-the-air updates which allows owners to download new software to introduce new capabilities.

Changing the Industry

It is clear that Tesla has become a pioneer in recent times in the auto industry and even outside of it. You can always tell when one brand is leading the way because it seems that every other brand adopts similar business models and ideas, which is now being seen throughout the auto industry. This is good news for motorists, because it means that the quality of electric cars is improving and leasing can be a great way to get behind the wheel of one of these cars without the long-term commitment. Tesla has completely disrupted the auto industry in recent times and is leading the way when it comes to electric vehicles and sustainable transport leaving other brands to play catch up.

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