A Man’s Perfect Lazy Day Out

Full English Breakfast

What makes the perfect lazy day out for a man? If you ask me, there are a few things that it should include, so read on to find out what they are.

A Slow Start

The perfect lazy day has to start slowly. You don’t want to push yourself too hard, too soon. So, the alarm clock should be set late, and a good lie in is essential. After that, it’s time for breakfast. This should ideally be cooked by someone else and be fried in a pan. That’s how all the best breakfasts arrive. But you might have to do the hard work for yourself if there’s nowhere else for you to rely on. When all that’s done, it’s time to start thinking about what the day ahead will hold.

Meeting Friends

The perfect day out is not possible alone. For a man to have the best lazy day out possible, they have to be surrounded by the friends that they’ve known for years. So, the first task is to call up everyone and see if they’re free for the day. If they’re able to get away from their families, the day of laid back fun can well and truly begin. There’s nothing worse than being let down by your friends when you want to get out of the house though.

Pub Drinking

A Few Drinks

No day out with friends would be complete without some drinks. It’s about visiting the best pubs and drinking the best beers that you can find. These days, there are lots of local craft beers that are made by small brewers. Sampling all the latest beers from these independent brewers is a lot of fun. And when you’ve had a few drinks, it’s always fun to have a go on the pub fruit machine. Most of the time, you won’t win any money. But every now and then, you’ll hit the jackpot and make it all worthwhile.

Pint Of Beer

Good Food

Once you’ve had a few drinks, food is always what has to come next. We’re not talking about high-end, expensive food that doesn’t manage to fill you up though. That’s never going to cut it on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Instead, you need a good, large meal that fills you up. All good pubs will serve up this kind of food at a good price. And most men know which pub in their area is the best for a good meal.


When I say sport, it’s usually a case of watching other people play it rather than playing it themselves. When men have had a few drinks and a steak for lunch, there are not many who then want to start running around. It’s much better to stick to the comfort of your chair and watch the professionals in action. The only way watching sport on the TV can be made more fun is by backing a particular team and placing a bet. If it pays off, the whole day will be paid for, and that’s the perfect end to the afternoon.


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