Hidden Ways Your Mobile Phone Is Costing You A Small Fortune

Mobile Phone Costing A Small Fortune

Your mobile phone is without a doubt one of the most important gadgets you own. As well as phones and text messages, modern ones play and store music and surf the Web. They’re multifaceted which means users need them for more than one thing and that’s why they are essential in this day and age.

While you’re happy to pay for one, the chances are you don’t want to be charged over the odds. And, while searching for the best deal is high on the list of things to do, it may not be enough. Mobile phones cost people money in hidden ways and below are a few typical examples.

Two-Year Deal

It seemed like a good option at the time because you wanted the latest Samsung S10 and didn’t have the cash. Not only did the operator give you the handset, but it also threw in minutes, calls and data too. The deal was a no-brainer until you realised two-years is a hell of a long time. Nowadays, you can get the same contract that lasts for one month and rolls on if you don’t disconnect that is cheaper. And, there is no red tape if you decide to switch providers. If you’re coming to the end of a 24-month deal, don’t jump into another one.

Finance Phone

This is when you pay for a phone on finance instead of purchasing it outright. When an iPhone X costs £999, there aren’t many alternatives. The problem is that the agreement always costs more than the retail price as you pay around £50 a month. Throughout a year, that’s £2,400 which is £1,400 more than a new iPhone. And, you’ll probably be locked into a two-year contract so the costs will be twice as high. Try and save up and pay for the phone outright to save a significant sum.

Cheap Case

Accessories are cool because they look the part and protect the handset. Plus, there are thousands of them available at less than £1 a piece so it makes sense to opt for the cheap and nasty stuff. Of course, after a while, they split and crack and end up in the bin and you go out and buy a replacement. Over time, a phone case can be a big expense because you’re constantly buying substitutes. The best Samsung Galaxy S10+ cases or Apple versions are costlier yet a better option. Because they’ll last longer, you won’t need to splash out regularly and you’ll save money.

Old And Obsolete

You’ve got a new phone and the old one is sitting in a drawer collecting dust. There’s no point in flogging it, you surmise – it’s not worth anything. In reality, people will take them off your hands, fix and sell them for a profit. So, your previous handsets are worth a little bit of cash regardless of the condition. Thanks to eBay and Amazon, it’s never been easier to find a buyer either so there’s no excuse.

Your phone will cost you some money because it’s an asset. Still, thanks to these tips, the fee doesn’t have to be extortionate.

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