Keeping Your Car in Top Condition When You Drive a Lot

Keeping Your Car In Top Condition

We all like our cars to look good, but keeping our vehicles in top condition can be more tricky than it might seem.

This is particularly true for people who use their cars a lot, like people who are taking advantage of business car leasing to travel around the country doing deals or individuals who like to take a lot of road trips.

The good news is, there are lots of fairly simple things you can do to keep your car in top condition, no matter how often you use it…

Check the oil regularly

Oil is like your vehicle’s lifeblood, so if you run low or run out, your vehicle is going to be in big trouble. That’s why you should really be checking your oil levels, on a flat surface, at least once a week. Ideally, you should also have the oil changed after every 3-4 thousand miles you put on the clock. This will help to keep your car running as efficiently as possible and help to keep you where you need to be – on the road.

Look after the braking system

Maintaining your brakes is vital if you use your car a lot because they will be receiving a lot of wear and tear. For most people, this means regular tune-ups at the garage because brakes aren’t something you can mess around with yourself. If you notice any problems with your brakes, no matter how minor they may seem, take the car to a mechanic asap because that small problem could quickly become a major, and dangerous issue.

Keep tyres inflated

When your tyres are inflated to optimal levels, your vehicle will be safer and more efficient, and you will be less likely to face any issues. If you are driving your car a lot, your tyres will, of course, start to deflate more quickly than average, which means checking the pressure once weekly, and topping up to the right levels (check your manual) when necessary is a really smart idea.

Don’t ignore the warning lights

This is basic, but if any of the warning lights on the dashboard come on, get your car seen to as soon as possible. So many people ignore these warnings if their vehicles is working well, but this is a really bad idea because those lights have come on for a reason, and your vehicle may be unsafe or more likely to break down. Sort the problem now and save yourself a headache later.

Keep it clean

If you use your vehicle a lot, chances are it will very quickly get covered in dirt, debris and dead bugs fast, in the summer months at least. It is also likely that the interior will be filled with crumbs and wrappers from those lunches on the go, and things like that. So, if you’re serious about keeping it in top condition, and making it as comfortable for your trips as possible, wash the outside and valet the interior weekly. It will make so much difference.

Enjoy your car.

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