Audi: The Rising Star Of The Luxury Car Market

Audi Luxury Car Market

While BMW and Mercedes-Benz have long been staples of the luxury car market, Audi was something of a late addition. The brand has a storied history. The four rings in the logo represent the four car manufacturers that joined forces to create Audi.

The company initially manufactured more conventional vehicles. However, by the late 1980s, they had started gaining a foothold in the luxury car market. They also began to develop some of the fastest cars in the world, building a strong presence in the rallying world.

Today, Audi is considered part of the German luxury trifecta, along with BMW and Mercedes. Although its sales lagged a little behind the two rivals in 2015, it still had two of the top five best-selling luxury cars last year.

A lot has been said about Audi’s atmospheric rise. The manufacturer seems to be particularly future-focused. In 2014 they announced cutting $2.5 billion in costs to certain areas such as manufacturing. This allows them to focus more on improving electric models and assisted driving features. Newer models offer the same high-powered driving with lower fuel emissions.

A Car For Everyone

Audi’s popularity has blown up across many demographics. Many people invest in an Audi for their well-known brand, relying on high-quality. Many car maintenance centres focus on Audi Servicing. After all, they know the rising population of Audi owners will want to keep their expensive cars in the best condition possible.

It’s a favourite amongst many big stars. Bayern Munich players have been granted with new Audi motors for the past fifteen years since Audi became a shareholder in the German club. The brand also seems to be popular amongst the British Royal Family with William, Kate, Harry and Charles all driving Audi models.

However, Audi has made it clear they’re not just for the richest people in the world. Their latest advertising campaign for the Audi quattro 2016 focuses on its efficiency for everyday drives. The safety features built into Audi models, along with their powerful driving capabilities, make them an excellent choice for anyone.

Many Audi dealerships offer payment plans so that even the average consumer can have a luxury model at a fair price. There are plenty of impressive models for the everyday driver. The Audi TT Coupe is one example, offering fantastic fuel efficiency and a stylish design. Brand power and good deals make Audi worth looking into for your next car.

A Look To The Future

Audi has shown they have no problem competing in the luxury car market. BMW and Mercedes-Benz usually pass around the top-spot from year-to-year. Audi remains a consistent third, even breaking into second in some recent years.

The only other notable rival is Lexus. However, although Lexus outsells Audi in the United States, its worldwide sales figures don’t even come close to Audi’s.

Audi’s interest in hybrid vehicles, lightness and lower emissions makes them well prepared for the future. They’re also trying to bridge the gap between the average consumer and the luxury market. If they carry on at this trajectory, they could make a serious bid for the position of the best-selling luxury car brand.

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