Is Technology Shaping The Way We Do Things? Let’s Explore

Technology advances at an almost daily ratel, don’t you think? It is crazy to think that only a few short deceased ago the TV was a big deal, and now we can stream our lives on the internet, and use automated cleaning products and have robots doing their thing. I wanted to explore some of the ways that technology is starting to shape the way we do things on a day to day basis. I thought it might be interesting to see if you can relate to any of these.

The way we shop

Nowadays the way we shop has changed drastically. Gone are the days where you had a specific shop for different things. A shop for break, a shop for vegetables etc. We now get most things under one roof but we also now shop online and have it delivered to our doors. And it doesn’t stop there either. We also find that we seek out the best possible prices online, and look up things like amazon discount codes or seek out the lowest price before manning any necessary purchases. We can use applications to do it, scan items and save them to favourites, the options are endless and now more than ever, it is easier to find the things we need and have them quicker.

The way we communicate

We used to communicate via letter, and then the telephone became a more normal thing to have in the phone, but now communication has gone to a whole new level. If it wasn’t on Instagram or Facebook, it never happened, sound familiar? The way we communicate has gone from voice contact and now is text messages, instant messenger applications and social media. We share our lives on platforms which really takes away the art of conversation. You have already told people what you are doing, and so why the need to explain? Communication is instant, but it can also be delayed. A conversation is still an important factor of life, but I guess it is now no longer the only option.

There’s and app for that

The truth is the development of the smartphone and tablet has seriously changed our lives. There literally is applications to do anything and everything. The can provide entertainment in the from of games, they can be useful with banking applications or apps that help with budgeting. They can be fun and communicative thanks to the ease of the social media apps. They can literally run your life, which means that these days, without our phones, we can often feel like our lives are not with us. It is strange that we put so much emphasis on one device, but it can harness most of what we do day to day.

Technology really has changed the way we do things, and the internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for us. In theory it is exciting to see what is next? Robots in our homes, devices that cook for us, even the way our homes are run is changing thanks to devices like Google Home or Alexa. How do you think technology has shaped the way you live your life?

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