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    Published on September 24th, 2018 | by James Simpson


    5 Reasons to Get a Motorcycle to Accompany Your Car

    Cars are a fantastic way to get around, but have you ever wanted to just be free of a 5-door car and have a simple one or two-person transport vehicle to get around more conveniently? Most people wouldn’t give up their main vehicle because it’s just too convenient, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a secondary vehicle such as a bike.


    So here are five reasons that you should get a motorcycle to accompany your main car.

    It makes commuting more fun

    Riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun. The speed and thrill you get are second to nothing and it’s a brilliant way to get around town without worrying too much about parking spaces.

    It’s better for the environment

    Motorcycles are much better fuel efficiency than cars, making them a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly choice for shorter distances.

    Motorcycling communities are fantastic

    There’s something special about meeting other motorcyclists. It’s a completely different world and most of them are incredibly friendly and easy going.

    They’re inexpensive

    In addition to having better fuel economy, motorcycles are also far less expensive than a car and are much cheaper to maintain as well.

    They’re fun to tinker with

    Motorcycles aren’t as complicated as cars which means they offer even beginners some excellent tuning opportunities. Just take a look at the small infographic below for some ideas on how to mod your motorcycle for performance.

    Graphic by: solomotoparts

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