Preparing for Your Driving Test Day

Do you have your driving test coming up? It is perfectly natural to be anxious in this situation and even the most confident of people will feel nervous before the test. It is important to try and stay calm, though, so that you can fully focus and perform to the best of your abilities. You might find it helpful to have a mock examination with your instructor and to have them in the car on the big day as well as know what to expect during your driving test. Here are a few ways to prepare for your test that should help.

Show Me, Tell Me Questions

A key part of the test will be the Show Me, Tell Me questions and there are 19 possible questions that you could face. These include:

  • Show me how to check that the indicators are working
  • Tell me how to check the brakes
  • Show and tell me how to check the windscreen washer level
  • Show me how to check brake lights are working

Common Reasons for Failure

It is helpful to know why most people fail so that you can avoid these mistakes. Observations are a major reason why people fail and if the instructor keeps on having to intervene then you will fail the test, which is why it is so important to make effective observations when joining a new road. Not noticing speed limits or paying attention to other road traffic signs are also common reasons for failure – remember that circular signs give orders and circles with a red border will tell you what you must not do. You must also take great care with lane changes making sure that you carefully observe, indicate, and avoid cutting anyone off. Of course, practice makes perfect when it comes to driving so you want to practice in between your lessons – just make sure that you have temporary learner driver insurance in place.

Know the Highway Code

You should also know the Highway Code like the back of your hand. When you are confident in your knowledge of the Highway Code, it can make driving and focus on the road a lot easier. In particular, you need to know the different types of crossings but always wait until someone is off the road before you go. You also need to be wary of keeping clear boxes to keep the steady flow of traffic. In terms of positioning on roundabouts, you should remain on the left lane if you are ever unsure as this will be a safe lane.

Having some anxiety before your test is natural, but you will want to lower this so that you can concentrate. Many find it helpful to have their instructor in the car with them and if you are finding it challenging to manage then you could consider learning in an automatic to make it easier.

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