How To Spot A Dodgy Used Car Seller Fast

Spot A Dodgy Used Car

There are so many used car sellers out there today that it can be difficult to work out who operates in an above board manner. It would be terrible if you spend thousands on a vehicle only to discover it had issues that were not disclosed before you handed over the cash. With that in mind, we’ve decided today would be a good time to publish a list of tips that should help you to avoid any problems. So long as you follow our advice, it should be easy to spot a dodgy seller and save yourself all the hassle.

Research your chosen model

Before you arrange any viewings, it is vital that you find out as much information as possible about the model on offer. You need to know everything from average prices to engine spec prior to speaking with the seller. So long as you have all that knowledge, spotting any lies or misleading comments should be simple. In some instances, the seller might provide inaccurate information by mistake. However, nine times out of ten it is because they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Look for online reviews

If the seller deals in used cars for a living, there should be lots of online reviews you can read. Previous buyers who were not happy with their purchase will almost certainly have written about it on the internet. So, you should search for the seller’s business name and see what information you can find. Presuming all the reviews are positive, you can relax a little. However, if more than 10% of the comments online are negative, it could be time to look elsewhere.

Ask to see the logbook

Used car sales experts at the Thames Motor Group know all too well that providing a logbook with all vehicles is a legal obligation. The same should be true of any seller you encounter. However, some dodgy dealers will try to keep it from you if there is something in there that could start alarm bells ringing. Maybe they are lying about the number of previous owners? Perhaps the model does not meet the specifications they have described. If any seller is hesitant to let you look at the logbook, there are sure to be some pretty serious reasons. Indeed, you might even want to report them to the police to ensure no one else gets ripped off.

Discuss the price

Some dodgy sellers might try to provide you with stolen vehicles. In that instance, they will probably present a low asking price. While getting a good deal is your primary goal, you should always ask questions if you feel the model is too cheap. It could be because they didn’t do enough research before advertising it for sale. However, it could also be because they are engaging in foul play.

Now you know how to spot a dodgy used car seller fast, we hope you will not fall victim to their tactics in the future. If you want to ensure you always get a fair deal, it makes sense to purchase from reputable dealerships. While you might pay a bit more, there is a lot to be said for peace of mind.

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