How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip

Road Trip

Most of our favourite adventures have involved a road trip. Packing the car full and hitting the road with your best friends is like nothing else. You’ll meet new people, discover new parts of the country, and create amazing memories. We’ve always wanted to do the great American road trip. We’d love to take an old convertible muscle car across the country on Route 66. It’s one of those bucket list activities that we’ll get round to one day.

For now, we’ll have to stick with the UK roads in our home country. Not that that’s a bad thing. Britain has some incredible hidden gems in every corner. So, it’s decided; you’re going on a road trip. Now all you need to do is plan. There’s nothing worse than a road-trip gone wrong. Break-downs, arguments and – worst of all – getting lost, will all turn the mood sour. Here’s how you avoid any problems.

Start with a route in mind

Some road trip purists will tell you that the best journeys have no destination. They’ll tell you to set off, and see where the road takes you. While we love spontaneity as much as the next guy, you at least a need a destination in mind. Otherwise you’ll go round in circles, run out of money and end up lost in the middle of nowhere. By all means, take the scenic roads, make detours, and follow the intriguing signs. But, give yourself some structure to the journey.

Choose the right car

Hitting the open roads with five people in a Mini is going to end in disaster. Trust us. It’s fun for about half an hour, then the discomfort sets in. The arguments start. You need a car that can handle the miles in comfort. It needs a little practicality to fit your bags too. Take a reliable car that gets good mileage. A sensible Volkswagen is hardly the stuff of Hollywood road-trip movies. But, this isn’t a movie. It’s real life, and practicality is your priority!

Make sure it’s in good condition

There is nothing – nothing – worse than breaking down thousands of miles from home. Before you set out, do a thorough check of the fluids and the engine. Make sure the oil is topped up and healthy, and ensure there’s plenty of coolant in the tank. Check the tyres for correct pressure and tread depth. Lastly, take plenty of maintenance tools with you on the journey. A jack, spare tyre, flashlight, and spare oil are essential.

Take some entertainment

Road trips have a habit of creating their own entertainment at times. You’ll laugh more than you’ve ever laughed, tell jokes and stories, and create new adventures. However, those long hours slowly add up, and the fun will run dry. Make sure you take plenty of music, books, and travel games to keep you entertained.

Thanks for reading, folks! Take care, and have an awesome road trip. Don’t forget to tell us all about it when you get home.

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