How To Fit Focus ST225 Brakes

How To Fit Ford Focus ST 225 Brakes

It was that time of my cars life, where I needed to replace my cars brake pads, but as I usually do, I get a whole set of disks and pads for the car. After getting a good review of the recent grooved and dimpled disks and Mintex pads from my brother, I thought I would go for the same combination. I actually purchased these brakes from the Brake Depot two weeks ago, the delivery was quick, and arrived just in time for the weekend when I had time to fit these.

Ford Focus ST225 Front Dimpled and Grooved Disk
Brand new drilled and grooved disk brakes

Required Tools

To fit the Focus ST255 brakes, you will need a few tools, and one you possibly wont have in your garage unless you have done your brakes before.

  • Socket Set (T45 Torx Bit and 15mm Hex Bit)
  • Trolley Jack & Axle Stand(s)
  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Calliper Rewind Tool (Get on Amazon)
  • C-Clamp

How To Fit Focus ST225 Brakes

You are best off starting at the front of the car. Make sure you first open the bonnet and loosen the brake master cylinder cap. Next loosen the wheel nuts (do not remove them until you have the car jacked up).

Loosen the wheel nuts

Now jack the car up, and it is always best to secure the car with an Axle stand (just to be on the safe side).

Focus ST225 Jacking Points

Now remove the wheel nuts, and remove the wheel. You will now first require your flat head screwdriver to remove the retaining pin that holds the pad into the calliper. This is done by first checking the top and bottom are not stuck to the calliper, then I found the best way to unclip these is to insert the flat head screwdriver just below the middle and force the clip outwards. It should just spring out of place.


Now we need to remove the calliper from the disk. If you look behind the calliper you will see a plastic cap that goes over a rubber bung. There is one at the top and the bottom of the calliper. Once you remove the plastic cap, you will find a T45 hex bolt inside which needs to be removed. You may also need to use your flat head screwdriver to push the bolts out a little to get the calliper to slide away from its bracket.


Once the calliper is removed, it is best to push the piston back in now while the pads are still on, as it gives a little support to the C-Clamp I was using at the time to force the piston back.


Now to remove the old pads, the piston side pad has a spring which holds the the pad in place. This will just pull straight out with a little tug.


The outside pad should slide out easily as this was held in with the pin we removed to begin with.


We are now left with the calliper bracket to remove before we can get the front disk off, this is done by removing the two 15mm bolts that hold the bracket in place – You can easily find these by looking behind the bracket, where the bracket meets the hub.


Now was the hard part, getting the old disk off, as it has somewhat seazed onto the hub. As I was replacing the disks anyway, I took a hammer out and started tapping it all the way around the old disk from the front and the back to break the bond. If you are going to be keeping your disks and need to remove them (for what ever reason), use a bit of wood to protect the disk and hit the wood its self.

Ford Focus ST225 Front Dimpled and Grooved Disk
New Ford Focus ST Front Drilled and Grooved Disk Brake
New Ford Focus ST Front Drilled and Grooved Disk Brake Inserted on Hub
Copper grease the back of the new brake pads
Copper grease applied to back plate of pads
Fitting the retaining clip back in place
Front disk brake and pads complete
Job complete

Rear Brake Fitting

Removing the calliper bolt protector
Remove the read pad containing clip
Containing clip removed
Use hex bit to remove the rear calliper bolts
Ford Focus ST Full disk and pad change complete
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  1. Great write ups!.

    I’m in AU – fortunately I don’t jhave the weather to erode like in UK, however I do have the rip-off parts pricing!

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