Five reasons for using a Kendall cohesive bandage as a strapping tape

Cohesive tapes are beneficial and the most common strapping tapes in the sporting world. They can be used by soccer players, football players and even tennis players to reduce the chances of you sustaining any injury. They are a perfect substitute for adhesive tapes like the zinc oxide tape. The following are some of the reasons why it’s best to use the cohesive bandage as a strapping tape.

It does not stick on your skin

This sounds wrong on paper; why would you want a bandage that does not stick to your skin? Right. But here is the main reason why. Kendall cohesive bandage does not just stick on your skin, but it sticks to itself. The term cohesive comes from the fact that the bandage itself can coherers together when you are wrapping it instead of holding on to your skin. Thus, when you are wrapping tape around a limp, it makes it quite handy for any tape job especially since most of the tape jobs are usually done at the sidelines than at the changing room. Due to its lack of adhesive properties, it will not cause a lot of damage to your skin or even your hair. Most players don’t like to be waxed so you can imagine how convenient this bandage is to them.

It’s stretchy

Cohesive bandages can stretch for up to double the length. This gives a limited amount of flexibility when determining the level of compression of the specific situation. For example, you could wrap it on the affected skin lightly to support the specific injury, or you may use it by stretching it tightly to cause a heavy compression to tightly hold the injury which may include heavy bleeding thus enabling you to reduce blood loss.

It offers different levels of support

Kendall cohesive bandages which can provide different levels of support for weak and injured joints. Wrapping the different levels of tape will determine how firm the bandage is. Therefore, if you are dealing with a sprained ankle, you would not want to apply the Kendall cohesive bandage with a lot of stretches as this would result in constriction and subsequently cause the foot to swell. You can also add layers to achieve a high level of support without necessarily causing over constriction.

You can tear it by hand

You may be a football player, and you need to change the bandages at the touchline quickly. The cohesive bandage can come in handy as it can easily be torn along its width and length. You don’t need to use a pair of scissors, but instead, you can tear it like you are tearing a piece of paper.

It can be reapplied and reused

Due to its lack of adhesive qualities, it is not able to lose its stick. So if you are not able to do a perfect job wrapping it the first time, you can unpeel it and use it again without the need to tear it and throw it away.

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