3 Ways That You Can Get Fitter Today Without Forking Out For A Gym Membership

Let’s face it, the gym certainly isn’t for all of us. It favours those who are quite happy to work up a sweat and look gross in front of complete strangers, and to be honest, we’re not all okay with doing that. If you’d much rather work-out in solitude or in a different and less mundane way, then here are three ways to go about it!

Take Up Cycling

First up, is cycling. Getting on your bike and getting your fitness levels up is a really enthralling experience. Who knows? If you really enjoy it, then you may start cycling to work and make getting on your bike part of your new, more active life. If you get really serious about your cycling, then you may wish to compete in races. If you live in an urban area, then there are likely to be a lot of cycling events run nearby to your home. Take advantage of this, it all counts towards getting you fitter and healthier, whether you finish first or last! Why not pick up some pro gear to make yourself look unstoppable on the road. If you’re after men’s cycling kits, then be sure to see what companies such as Akuma Cycling have to offer.

Join A Sports Team

Another alternative to the gym is joining a sports team. If isolated exercise isn’t for you, then why not sign up for a local club and add a competitive edge to your workouts? There are sports out there for all shapes, sizes, abilities and desires, so what are you waiting for? Playing badminton or tennis with a few friends twice-a-week would be extremely beneficial to your fitness. Both racquet sports are ideal for those sorts of people who don’t want to spend too much time running around. They would benefit those who would rather focus on hitting skilled shots. If your hand-eye coordination isn’t all that, then maybe join a local football club. The costs are normally very small, and the gains that you could get out of it are immense. It’s nice to get outside on a Sunday, too. What could be better than a glorified kick around with your mates in the sunshine? All of these suggestions will keep you fighting fit!

Go Swimming

Finally, something a little different. If you’re a bit more aquatically inclined, then why not give swimming a go? This sort of workout is ideal for those who are very injury-prone as the water largely eases your body through the motions of exercise. Many find swimming to be very relaxing – it quite literally will cool down somebody hot headed, so why not give it a shot? A local leisure centre should be fairly straightforward to find and attend and memberships are often very cheap. Swimming will be a great way to really train up your cardiovascular system, keeping you fit and healthy.


Ultimately, if you’re willing to give any of these three gym alternatives a shot, then you may find yourself with a new hobby. All of these methods are proven to keep an individual fit. So, what are you waiting for? Cancel that mundane gym membership of yours and get started with something new, today!

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